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Slap Chop food chopper review – it hurts my hands to use it.

slap chop food chopper review

slap chop food chopper review

I saw the cool looking sales ads on TV about the Slap food chopper. It made it look effortless all sorts of foods from onions – which I hate cutting because they always made me teary-eyed and they make my nose run – to boiled eggs, vegetables, cheeses and more. It made the Slap Chop look like that great kitchen appliance that you never knew you needed.

So I bought one, but I didn’t buy it through the TV commercial for $20. I got mine for under $10 at Marshalls in their kitchen utensils area. Marshall’s tends to have a lot of cool products for the kitchen and home at prices of 50% or more off. So this is why I always look at Marshalls first rather than buying off the TV.

Anyway so I brought the slap chop home and my wife used it once and then complain that it hurt the palm of her hand and left it red and slightly swollen. I asked if she read the directions and if she had used it correctly. She said she had. So I went and gave it a try myself.

The Slap Chop food chopper works quickly, but my wife was right. It will give you sore hands and their other products that work far better than this. It’s a waste of time just go get yourself a little Cuisinart or other similar food processor and you will be far better off.

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The Slap Chop is nothing new, by the way. My mother had a product like this that she bought back in the 70s which was very similar the only difference was that it was made out of glass instead of plastic which is probably why her food chopper still works after all these years.

The folks at Slap Chop just took an old device and slapped a cool, unique name on it and placed it in a tacky infomercial. In my opinion the product sucks and isn’t worth $10. You should be able to buy one of these for about two dollars maybe three at max. It’s not worth a penny more than that in my opinion.

Instead of buying a Slap Chop food chopper, save your money and get yourself a good food processor. You’ll thank yourself that you did and besides a good food processor is not that expensive. Don’t waste your money on a Slap Chop. All you’ll get is red, sore hands.

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