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Smoke Remedy, Lung Remedy, and DTox Remedy – Scams Luring Smokers To Quit With False Practices and False Testimonials

smoke remedy scam

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break as soon as you start.  It seems like the only goal of the Tobacco companies ever since the early 1900’s has been greed and lots of it.  No matter how many people result with lung cancer, or how many people get mouth cancer, the large tobacco companies such as British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, ITC Limited, Jerry Sparks, KT&G Corporation, Philip Morris, Reynolds American, Tim Wrenn Sr.

Each and every year these companies make millions of dollars in profit and don’t care about people’s health risks because its money in their pockets.  Law suits have been an issue with being filed against these tobacco companies, but not much has prospered from these actions.  The U.S. Surgeon General issued to the public in 1964 that smoking cigarettes was a direct association to ling cancer.  Shortly after the U.S. Surgeon General announced this relationship, advertising tobacco products on T.V. and on the radio was prohibited.  This also led to the start of mandating tobacco companies to print health warnings on their product.

Ever since smoking cigarettes were found as a health hazard, there are many people trying to quit and defeat the need for nicotine. Product to help aid people quitting smoking cigarettes have seemed to increase by the day.  Products such as Quiterclock, Equate Stop Smoking Aid Gum, Commit, My Stop Smoking Coach, Nicorette Gum, and millions of others have been shoved down the throats of people trying to quit smoking.

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One product that seems to be on every other infomercial on T.V. is Smoke Remedy. Every day and night that I watch T.V., I must see at least 10 of these infomercials trying to get me to buy this ridiculous product that is a 100% scam.  Obviously 1 in a 100 people, one product may work for someone and the remaining 99 people are screwed.  I had been smoking for about 25 years and decided that seeing my mother dying of lung cancer in the hospital was enough for me.  I had done some research on different methods of quitting and different products in the market.

As I was scanning the internet review after review, I landed on Smoke Remedy and remembered the info commercials I had seen on T.V.  over the year.  I decided to try Smoke Remedy because when I went to, they had a free 30-trial.  When I had read the testimonials and success stories, I was suckered into the fabulous world of infomercials and false testimonials.

As I had reviewed their site to find the ingredients listed as 100% natural and 100% safe!  I then had dug through the FAQ’s and had found the ingredients, but not in plain text.  They describe the ingredients as followed:

“The homeopathic medicines in Smoke Remedy™ come from several different plant and mineral sources that include:

  • Avena sativa to help with the addiction to nicotine and tobacco
  • Caladium seguinum, Daphne indica, Eugenia jambosa, Tabacum, and Plantago major, these help to stop the craving and desire to
  • Kali phosphoricum, Nux vomica, and Staphysagria to help prevent the withdrawal symptoms you may experience when quitting
  • The product also contains purified water, citric acid and potassium sorbate.”

Well, as I was lured into this scam, I had my Smoke Remedy delivered to my doorstep in about 5 days.  When I tried the 3 sprays of the Smoke Remedy it was horrible.  On the site, it states that there is no taste once so ever.  There was a disgusting taste that is very hard to describe = it tasted like old vegetables.  I had fought through it day by day, 3 squirts by 3 squirts.  After taking it for 20 days, I decided to get my refund back and just entered into another battlefield.  After they stated to me that they wouldn’t charge my credit card because I canceled my free 30 day risk free trial.  The next month I noticed that they were still taking money out of my account.

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I had quickly got on the phone with the customer service department and told them that if I didn’t receive a refund of the money they took out of my account.  They were quick to tell me that the account was cancelled and no money was taken out of my account.  I told the woman that  I had my bank statement right in front of me and would take this to court and there scam would be shut down.  The stories suddenly turned and they woman quickly said that they were issuing the money back into my account and tried selling me there other products Lung Remedy and D-Tox Remedy.  I had upsettingly told the woman I just want my money back and made sure I had the money placed into my account.  After 3 days, the money was credited back to my checking account and I never tried another product after that.

To quit smoking it takes perseverance and strong mind power to complete it.  I knew that I could pull through the strong cravings, especially when I went to parties because I always smoked when I drank.  I actually stopped going to clubs and parties for about 6 months.  I finally quit smoking cold turkey on August 1, 2010.  Ever since I have not touched a single cigarette nor thought about the idea of needing one.

One free tool that each and every single person has is will power.  This is the only tool that you need to quit smoking cigarettes.  Don’t pay any attention to the chewing gums, sprays, nor pills that are said to make you quit smoking in days because they are just scams that are there to make money on.  Smoke Remedy and the other leading scams try desperately for you to be sucked into the world of testimonials and fake infomercials.  Smoke Remedy is 100% a scam.

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