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Snap Circuits SC-300 electronic game review – this is a really neat electronics learning device for kids!

Snap Circuits SC-300 electronic game review
I bought a Snap Circuits SC-300 because it reminded me of an older version of this electronics kit I had when I was much younger and it was a blast to play with.

When I grew up my brother and I at any electronics kit which we used to make all kinds of interesting electronic projects out of.  It consisted of a big circuit board with the springs on it and then you had various little parts he would hook between the springs to create different circuits and diagrams and these would result in being alarms, turning a light on and off with a switch, a metal detector, a motor, even a lie detector.

The hardest thing about that it was visible springs and putting the little electronic pieces in and the pieces would easily break or get lost.  but I saw this newer version of a similar electronics game by Snap Circuits.  In this one there were no springs and everything was enclosed inside the larger pieces and they just snapped together.  I thought that if this was really the way it was and it was this simple to use this would-be great for my children.  they could also be a great learning device for the local schools.

So I bought one for about 40% off through ( this is one feature that I love about is that a lot of times It’ll tell you how much you can save off the price and It’ll actually let you know when that price changes).  it also had free shipping for this item because it was placed by and the order was over $25 and it qualified for this free shipping.

Regularly the electronics kit that I purchased (the Snap Circuits SC-300 electronics kit) goes for between 70 and $100.  I got it for just under $40 shipped to me – so that’s a really good deal.  I got it something like a week later and it was in brand-new shape, never opened,  just like the listing stated.  I opened it up and it really was a greatly simplified version of the electronics kit I grew up with when I was little.

Ideally this kit is still for someone at least 10 years old.  My kids are not quite that age yet so I have to supervise them and how they play with this house they could break the pieces and make it so it won’t work.  I found it was also kind of frustrating for my kids but then again they were under nine years old.  I think for kids 10 years and above this kit is awesome.  I also had fun with it myself and show my kids how to do the different electronics projects.

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I think the Snap Circuits SC-300 is a great way to teach children about electronics and it can also be a lot of fun at the same time.  We were quickly making space war noises, playing songs and even making a disc fly.  Most of the electronic projects in the book were rather simple and only took at most five minutes to put together.  It doesn’t take long to figure out which parts it’s asking for and whats also neat is that you can play around with it and intermix the different projects and come up with your own ideas and see what works and doesn’t work.  All the while learning all about different aspects and components related to electronics.

I highly recommend the Snap Circuits SC-300 for families that want to explore the world of electronics with their children and have a lot of fun learning at the same time.

One thought on “Snap Circuits SC-300 electronic game review – this is a really neat electronics learning device for kids!

  1. I just bought one of these for my two grandsons and they absolutely love it. The only thing that would make it better is if it had some kind of computer interface so you could communicate with the project through your computer like with robots and stuff. That would take the projects and learning to a whole new level.

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