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I found this great educational resource for kids in elementary school the other day -!

I found a great educational resource online yesterday called  This website has all sorts of worksheets, educational materials and more striated by grade and by subject.  They have everything from education on earthquakes and volcanoes (which younger children especially boys are always eager to learn about and asking thousands of questions of their parents incessantly) two printable mathematics worksheets to aid in your child’s learning.

One of my children was having a slight problem with three digit addition and subtraction.  So I was looking on the internet for some printable worksheets that would work for extra practice on the weekends and other days when he didn’t have homework.  I happened upon the SoftSchools website and found it very easy to search and use to find all sorts of learning materials.

The best part is everything on the site was free.  It even prints up random numbers on these worksheets so no two worksheets will be the same.  That is a really neat feature so I can print endless worksheets for him to improve his 3rd grade mathematics skills with.  And there are also many other levels, grades, and other subjects too.

As I stated earlier there is science, math, English and writing, social studies and more.  And what’s really neat is that you can customize many of these worksheets to your desire and then you can have them created in a PDF format so they are easy to print out and will fit on one standardized sheet of paper.

Many other free educational websites that I have found on the internet are not as easy to use nor do they offer the vast breadth of subjects and materials that does.  The website is very easy to use as I said earlier and you can print out 20 worksheets like the ones I did for my son in like a minute or two.

And this way you have documented proof of the work that you have been doing with your child.  So if the school wants to see that your child has been doing practice homework or similar at home you can easily print off some of these worksheets and have your child solve the problems on them.  My favorites are the addition, subtraction, fractions, and multiplication and division worksheets as these are directly applicable to what my son is doing right now in third grade and will be doing in the fourth grade.

If you are looking for educational resources and learning materials for your children then I definitely recommend do you take a look at SoftSchools and their website (  And it is a superb resource for stuff to keep the kids busy and entertained on snow days!

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