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Sony MDRNC7 Headphones Review – not the best headphones for noise cancelation

These noise canceling headphones did not meet my expectations


I am a frequent traveler, and often find myself watching movies on my computer, or listening to music on my ipod while I fly. The standard Apple earbuds I have been using just aren’t cutting it anymore, and I would like to upgrade to some noise canceling headphones. I would like to do this so I can drown out the loud sound of the plane while I’m flying.

I decided to stop in at Best Buy to check out what they had to offer. They had some really nice ones for about 300 dollars, but I wasn’t trying to spend an exorbitant amount of money on them. I found some more moderately priced models in the 50-80 dollar price range.

I found a cheaper Bose pair for about $80, but wanted to compare them to the $50 models. I compared the Bose to the Sony MDR NC7 model I found that were price right at $50. I looked up on my phone about reviews between the two and there didn’t seem to be any noticeable difference in quality. So I went with Sony MDR NC7 model for $50.




I took them home and was eager to try them out. I tried them on my computer and I could tell there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality over the cheap earbuds I was using. I was pretty happy with my purchase, and brought them on my next flight I was on later that week.

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Once we got up in the air I turned a movie on my laptop and put on my new Sony MDR NC7 noise canceling headphones. I was expecting these new headphones to drown out the noise of the plane completely. I was wrong though. Yes they were better than what I was using before but I still had to turn my volume way up on my computer to hear the movie. Even with the volume up I could still hear the loud noise of the plane in the back round.

I still kept my Sony MDR NC7 headphones for now. They are an improvement of what I had, but next time I may spring for the more expensive pair. I guess this is just the classic case of you get what you pay for. Next time I will pay more.

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