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Southern Resources scrap metal review – this scrap metal recycler ripped me off!

Southern Resources scrap metal recycling review and complaint
Southern Resources scrap recycling paid me half of what the other recyclers do. They ripped me off!

From time to time I get jobs cleaning up construction and demolition debris and similar and I take all the metal scrap like copper wire, pipes and more to local area recycling businesses for cash. Most these places are pretty fair about what they pay to scrappers like me. So I decided to give a new one that was claiming to give the most cash in their ads a try – that was Southern Resources ( on Raleigh Strret here in Charlotte North Carolina.

When I got there they were quick to go through the scrap metal that I brought and they gave me a price which was about half of what I’m used to from the other area recycling centers or businesses. Wise recycling on Brookshire Blvd. would have given me twice what Southern Resources did for the exact same load of scrap.

I didn’t have time to go in get all the scrap back up in my van and go over to Wise recycling so I angrily took their cash and left. I will never go back to take my scrap to Southern Resources. From now on all travel at extra few miles to go to the place that’s always treated me good – Wise Recycling.

I thought I’d get some extra cash by going with the place that advertised to pay out the most cash for metal scrap of all kinds. I was wrong. That is false advertising on behalf of Southern Resources because they clearly do not pay the most cash for scrap metal here in Charlotte NC.


It may not sound like much to you unless you’re a scrapper, but it can be quite a bit of work to haul out a van load full of scrap metal from a construction site. Usually the scrap metal is not all together in one pile. It is usually mixed in with a bunch of other garbage and waste which can include dry board, concrete, wood, etc…

all the rest of the waste is basically that – waste it has no real value. The metal has instant value with recycling businesses. They either compact it or melted and sell it to various manufacturing companies based on the current trading value of that particular metal.

These recycling businesses make big money off this scrap. There is no need for a recycling company like Southern Resources to rip me off and pay me half of what they should’ve paid me for my load of scrap. If you have scrap metal and want to convert it to cash I would highly suggest you do not use Southern Resources.

3 thoughts on “Southern Resources scrap metal review – this scrap metal recycler ripped me off!

  1. I have had nothing but great experiences dealing with Southern Resources. Staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable. I have always received the best price on my scrap and have been educated on the various types of metals I should be looking for to get a great return on my time.

    Another think I love about this company is their dedication to being involved in the community that they live and work in.

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