Speed Cameras on I-95 Complaint – I was ticketed in South Carolina for being caught by a high speed camera going 5 mph over the speed limit

I was wrongfully ticketed on I-95 for speeding.

I was headed from Richmond, VA to visit some relatives in Miami, Florida. It is a long drive from Virginia to Florida so sometimes I find myself going a little bit over the speed limit. For the most part I do a pretty good job keeping it in check though.

I was driving down through South Carolina and saw a sign that said “Photo Radar Assisted Speed Enforcement.” I had never seen a sign like that and had no idea what that meant. Regardless I continued on the road driving south.

A few miles up the road I saw a camera set up under an overpass facing traffic. I assumed thats what that sign was talking about, but looking down to see if I was speed, and noticed I was going 75 in a 70. Not a serious offense so I didn’t think anything of it. I was sure I would be in the clear.

A weeks later I received a ticket in the mail from the Ridgeland, SC police department. I opened up the ticket to see it was a $200 fine for allegedly going 87 in a 70! I never drive that fast, and I made sure to check my speed as I went by the camera.

I immediately called up the contact number on the bottom of the ticket to complain, but got an automated recording. After going through about 10 different automated voices I finally talked to a real person to plead my case. They told me the camera is pretty accurate and there is nothing that they could do. They told me if I had a problem with with the ticket to plead “not guilty” and appear in court.

Since I live in Virginia that would be quite a drive to fight a speeding ticket. With the increasing prices of gas it wouldn’t make economical sense for me to drive all the way down there to fight this wrongful ticket so I reluctantly paid it.

I guess I found out i Better drive about 10 mph under the speed limit if I want avoid a speeding ticket from this corrupt camera. This is just a device to boost revenue for this small town. If they want to crack down on speeding there maybe they should hire some officers to patrol their highways and give these tickets out face to face.

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