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Stanley Steemer rug and carpet cleaning review – an inside view from an ex-employee of Stanley Steemer!

Stanley Steemer rug and carpet cleaning review
I used to work for Stanley Steemer and let me tell you - you do NOT want to have Stanley Steemer come clean your home! Read the rest to see why.

Hello everyone. I am an ex Stanley Steemer cleaner and driver EX SS Cleaner and driver and boy do I have a load to tell you about Stanley Steemer, the games they play and how they operate. They reward abusive high pressure sales tactics, encourage fast in and out services, and condone hazardous driving practices.

The number of jobs a day and the additional charges added to the attractive sucker price are paramount. They want only aggressive salesmen well versed in the old bait and switch techniques. The conscientious cleaners or safe drivers don’t last 3 months. What this means is that you will never get the quoted price. Not even close to it. It will always end up being much, much higher.

My first week in training we were at the home of an elderly gentleman in an upscale subdivision. The cleaner who I was there to assist relentlessly beat the old man up (mentally, not physically) for added deodorizing services until he finally caved in. So I was sent to the van to fill the spray applicator and apply it. I grabbed the clearly labeled half full 5 gal jug, carefully followed the directions to the letter, filled the sprayer and began to apply.

Later that day I was astonished to see my helper pull over and pee in the same jug I used on the job. Yeah, to avoid recording unproductive bathroom stops he, as did many of the preferred drivers, carried a pee jug. And because of this strange practice I had just sprayed pee all over that old man’s carpet. Why on earth wouldn’t he have warned me about his pee jug marked “deodorizer”? When I told him what happened he just laughed without a care.

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In my short stint with them I have quite literally seen and evidenced a hundred more Stanley Steemer stories just as bad or even worse. If I were you I would never, ever use Stanley Steemer for anything based on my experiences. You will get ripped off. They will use high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy more services and these services will not improve your carpet and could contain pee like the solution I sprayed unknowingly on the old man’s rugs.

Stanley Steemer is a very unethical and corrupt business and I just had it after a while and had to leave to go work for a company that didn’t lie and use high pressure sales tactics on their customers. Stanley Steemer is trash.

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