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State Farm auto insurance complaint – their corrupt insurance agents are bad for business!

State Farm auto insurance complaint
All I got with my agent from State Farm was the run around and lies.

I felt as though I was being black-balled when I tried to switch insurance agents at State Farm because I wasn’t happy with the agent I was transferred to, from the agent that I had originally chosen.  I wasn’t happy with the service and this was not an insurance agent of my choice.  I ran into some financial difficulties and needed to drop car insurance coverage down to the state required minimum liabilty down from full coverage.

I began this process in October.  They told me that the state required cost me approximately 70 dollars a month.  I knew this was way to high.  I made 2 payments at this rate, and when making another payment I insisted that they tell me why it was so high.  It turned out that they had not removed all coverage that I had requested be removed.  They didn’t even offer a refund due to their mishandling of my account.

They took it off for 2 months and the bill went to about 40.00 a month.  They then told me that if I did fill out and sign a rejection form they were going to put the charges for PIP back on my policy.  I’m like wait a minute.  I am the customer and if I tell you I don’t want something if you add it back to the policy doesn’t mean I’m going to pay for something i don’t want.  I told them they need to take it off and leave it off.

They added it back so I decided that I didn’t want to deal with them anymore and want to switch agents.  I was not aware at the time that i would be black-balled from switching insurance agents because they all work so closely together and have each others back.  When I went to the other agent, they acted as if they could help me.

They called up the agent I wanted to switch from and they talked to them, I was all but told that I needed permission to switch because the other agent believed that I was going to be coming back.  So this is the way it works.  I am the customer, but at State Farm my right to choose my own insurance agent was taken away from me. I called the second agent 3 times.  they said they would call me back.  Its been a month and I still haven’t received a call from the agent I was trying to switch to.

I do not like State Farm anymore after this experience and will be switching to a different insurance company altogether now.

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