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State Farm car insurance review – I saved $800 by switching from GEICO to State Farm!

State Farm car insurance review
I switched from Geico to State Farm car insurance and saved a little over $800 per year on my Honda Pilot!

The first car insurance I ever had was with Progressive.  I stayed with them for about five years and then I ended up switching to Geico because their car insurance was cheaper by a few hundred dollars (just under $300 if I remember correctly).  Now, recently I saw an ad on TV where State Farm claimed to have the best car insurance and that they saved people that had Geico car insurance an average of $500 or so dollars a month.

So I figured if I could save $500 or even if it was just $300 that would be worth me switching car insurance companies.  so I called State Farm insurance and I was eventually transferred to a local insurance agent by the name of Alex Bogojevich (704-971-7466) here in Charlotte North Carolina whom ended up handling my car insurance needs.

I first spoke to Alex he said he was very confident that he could save me a considerable amount of money on my car insurance.  I was skeptical because I had a ready saved almost $300 by switching from Progressive to Geico.  and these two insurance companies are supposed to be some of the lowest priced insurance companies out there.

Whenever I hear people talking about car insurance companies and low premiums they are almost always talking about Progressive or Geico.  Rarely do I hear people talking about saving money with other insurance carriers like State Farm or Nationwide.  but the good thing is it didn’t cost me anything for Mr. Bogojevich to check and see and give me a hard quote on what my car insurance would cost on my Honda Pilot.

So, he said it would take a little bit of time and that he would call me back that day and let me know what my new premium would be if I switch to State Farm car insurance.  He called back I thought he was going to give me bad news and tell me they couldn’t beat the low payments or premiums that I had with Geico.  Or I figured my premiums would be about the same.

But that’s not what happened.  What happened is he called me back and told me that he was actually going to be able to save me over $800 a year from what I was paying with my current Geico plan. Before I got too wrapped up in the savings part I asked him if the coverage was going to be the same as what I had and described to him that I had with Geico.  He said the coverage I had with State Farm was actually going to be a little better and offer me more coverage.

I am so glad that I saw that TV commercial that day about State Farm car insurance and how it could save me a bundle by switching from Geico.  It really did save me a good bit of money – over $800 a year.  Go see for yourself and give State Farm and try.  You may end up saving a bunch of money on your car insurance premiums like I did!

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