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Stouffers SouthWest Style Chicken Panini Review

I had one of these for lunch the other day while I was at work. The picture on the boxmakes it look like a nice tasty lunch. It also makes it look like a good size serving. The Stouffers Southwest style chicken Panini is in fact so small you probably need about five of these to get full. The other problem was it tasted like cardboard. It makes it look all nice and tasty on the packaging. Believe me, I ate it but it did not taste very good at all.

I’ve had better food at McDonald’s and Burger King and I do not eat there unless I have to because I do not like McDonald’s or Burger King or any other fast food joint like that. I was not expecting great authentic Italian food or anything like that, but I was expecting some the tasted better than reheated food from the local 7-Eleven or Circle K.

If you’re hungry you’re looking for some food especially from the frozen section of your grocery store pass this one on by it’s not very good. There’s other stuff from PF Chang’s, even the Walmart and Aldi’s brands foods are far better than this was. And this one to simply tasted like cardboard and had zero flavor and was something that I would only want to eat if I was starving and nothing else was available.

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