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Stridesforsamantha – a fundraiser you should know about!

There is a lady named Samantha Schafer from Utica NY that has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative (extremely aggressive) breast cancer. She underwent a double masectomy followed by chemotherapy. During the chemotherapy she had complications where she almost lost her life. She suffered from extensive blood loss for days, blood clots and all the while had to deal with complications from Crohne’s disease (a serious intestinal disorder that causes much pain and lasts one’s whole life).

breast cancer fighter ribbon

Her husband, Jim Schafer, has had to take off of work to help her and they have serious mounting hospital and other related healthcare bills (Samantha spent weeks in the ICU where her condition varied day to day). If you find yourself with some extra money, please have a heart and would like to put it to great use please go and visit the webpage for her fundraiser at:

You can read all about the cancer and Samantha’s story on the website. There is also a benefit, fundraising event and all the details are posted on the site. Please visit and make a donation today. Any amount would be appreciated and you would be helping a great cause and it would definitely be appreciated.

So, again, if you have a heart and would like to help Samantha please visit the Stride for Samantha website and make a donation!


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