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Strivectin SD stretch mark and wrinkle cream review – this wrinkle fighting cream works great but is a little pricey.

Strivectin SD stretch mark and wrinkle cream review
I have been using the Strivectin SD anti wrinkle cream from Ulta for years, but I just wish it were a little more affordable.

I have been using a great wrinkle and skin treatment cream that I buy from Ulta Beauty supply – Strivectin SD stretch mark wrinkle cream. I apply it on my face and neck daily and this anti wrinkle cream or lotion really works. The thing is it takes a month or so to see any real noticeable differences.

When I first started applying the wrinkle treatment cream I didn’t notice any difference other than the fact that my face and neck were being more moisturized. But after a few weeks of applying the Strivectin SD I started to notice that my crows feet wrinkles around my eyes and the corners of my mouth were becoming more and more faint and disappearing.

I also noticed the deeper wrinkles on my forehead and other areas were disappearing also. They did not completely disappear, but they look a lot better. The Strivectin SD wrinkle treatment cream did not make any of the wriinkles completely disappear but it made them a lot less noticeable and this makes me look and feel about five or six years younger.

What I can’t understand with the Strivectin SD is why a tiny 2 oz. bottle is so expensive ($79 to $99 or more depending upon where you buy it). I buy it at Ulta’s Beauty and it runs about $79 there. The price of Strivectin SD is better then when it first came out a few years ago and everyone was selling it for $125 or so, but I think that for a small bottle like mine it should be more reasonably priced – like around $25.

There are many other products that promise to do the same and are cheaper, but I have tried many and none have the same effect or as good an effect as the Strivectin SD. I just wish that it were a little bit cheaper. In this terrible economy and the fact that I am no longer making as much money as I used to, even $40 would be much more reasonable. Or through in another free product that I will actually use.

The last time I bought it at Ulta they gave me a free small package of some cosmetic products that were not for my skin type or color. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine that works at Belks. I like the Strivectin SD wrinkle and skin treatment cream and what it does for my aging skin, I just wish it were a little better priced and more affordable for working class people like myself.

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