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Subway Complaint – I was served spoiled mystery meat

Subway has spoiled meat and has horrible customer service

It was lunch time at work and I didn’t pack a lunch like I usually do so I had to go out to get something to eat. I am holding strong on my new years resolution to change my eating habits and stay healthy so I decided to go to Subway down the street from the office.

I got there and the place was packed! There was about a 20 person line ahead of me so it was going to be a while. I was really in the mood for one of their subs so I decided to wait it out.

When it came time for me to order my sandwich I could tell why the line was so long. The workers behind the counter look extremely stoned and highly unmotivated. If there was a line of 100 people they still wouldn’t have acted with any urgency. It was quite frustrating.

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I order the cold cut combo, one of my favorite subs from Subway. I watch the employee struggle with making it as he looked like he was incompetent. I was a bit distracted by how poor the service was that I didn’t pay much attention to how he was preparing my sandwich.

I paid for my sandwich and sat down to eat it at the table at the Subway. When I unwrapped it I took a huge bite out of the center cut part of the sub. I nearly threw up and spit out that bite onto the table. This meat tasted awful! It was as if they were serving me spoiled, or rotten meat and just dressed it up with preservatives.

I opened up the rest of my sandwich and took a closer look. There looked be a think film on all the meat on my cold cut combo from Subway. It was disgusting. The meat felt like there was slime all over it. I was definitely done eating this sandwich.

I went to the counter to complain but these worthless employees didn’t seem to care much at all. They told me there was nothing they could do and the meat was fine. They must have been high because there is no way that could be true. I can honestly say I will not be back at Subway ever again!

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One thought on “Subway Complaint – I was served spoiled mystery meat

  1. see thats what you get for eating subways mystery meat. quiznos is much much better at least you know theres is meat and excellent quality and they know how to spice up their meat unlike bland boring subway.

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