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Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show Review – this was one of the worst halftime shows I have ever seen

The Super Bowl 45 halftime show was terrible

So I am sitting at home watching the Super Bowl. Traditionally the halftime shows have been god awful. With the exception of the last couple after the “wardrobe malfunction” with classic artists like Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who.

The NFL has screwed up big time this year though. The Black Eyed Peas were absolutely terrible! They did not sing, but simply yelled their poorly written lyrics. I was kind of embarrassed and I was just sitting here watching.

I must say that Fergie was by far the worst though. She sounded like a dying goat. It was literally the worst attempt at a musical performance I had ever seen. She would have been better off simply lip syncing like many of the other pop artists of previous Super Bowl halftime performers.

It also says a lot about these current pop artists. They have no talent and only rely on studio voice enhancers. The only person that did the smart thing was Usher who elected to not even really sing, but just dance. It was the only part that didn’t sound like nails on a chalk board, but did bring into question whether he can really sing, or just relies on studio voice enhancers.

I would also like to say the sound system that they were using at this “state of the art” New Cowboys stadium was atrocious. Their voices would go in and out, and the volume would sometimes get really soft, or raise up loudly. If I were Jerry Jones I would be flat out embarrassed to have spent billions on this stadium and it can’t even function properly.

If the NFL was smart they would go back to the classic rock theme for the Super Bowl halftime shows. It appeals to a much larger audience and it has artists that actually have musical talent and can sing. If the NFL has any brain they should do away with any more pop artists performing at the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show flat out sucked!

10 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show Review – this was one of the worst halftime shows I have ever seen

    1. I agree – just put a paper bag over her head. Fergie has a banging body, but her face is kind of messed up – could be from the years of Meth she was doing. That stuff really ruins people.

  1. HALF-TIME WAS HORRIBLE!! I did like the stage dancers with the lit-up body suits. I thought the visual aesthetics and changes of stages with songs were well done; however, you do hit the main point in todays artists not having real vocal talent. They def. should of gone with “lip-sinking” to give a better performance. Especially since this is probably there biggest audience for a live performance.

  2. Not to mention that christina aguilera screwed up the national anthem! Bad musical performances all the way around! I was disapointed with the commercials also. Best part was the steelers lost!!

  3. Yall are crazy. That was a great halftime show performance. The lights were off the hook, and the black eyed peas were amazing. All yall can hate on fergie but she knows how to sing. The sound system was just making her sound bad.

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