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Super hot reviews and complaints now on!

Super hot reviews and complaints
Super hot reviews and complaints you need to read here on!

Here are some currently super hot reviews and complaints that you need to see and check out here on

1. Papa Johns new double bacon six cheese pizza review – I’ve had this pizza and it is smoking hot and I don’t mean heat wise – this is one awesome pizza.  Papa John’s definitely made a great pizza here.  This may end up being one of their flagship or mainstay pizzas.  and I’m sure this can be an awful lot of these order during the Super Bowl and the Pro bowl next weekend.  Football = lots of great pizza from Papa John’s.

2. Binswanger Glass and windshield repair – I can’t stand companies that ripoff consumers.  so I decided to check into this and see what the pricing structure was for Binswanger Glass and a few of their competitors.  It turns out Binswanger Glass is the most expensive glass repair company we could find.  There were several of their competitors in the $200 to $300 price range regardless of the type of car or truck.  Binswanger was in the $500+ category.  Way outside of  what anyone else was charging except for maybe some car dealerships, but we all know car dealerships parts departments charge ridiculous prices on all their parts anyway.  My recommendation here is to either go with any of the cheaper competitors or go to an automotive supply store like Carolina Auto Supply where they can get you prices below dealer cost on various automotive parts.

3. CVS minute clinic review – I have actually visited a nearby CVS Minute Clinic because of the convenience.  They are quicker been going to see your local doctor plus their a whole lot cheaper. It’s a great place to get low-cost flu shots and low cost health care.  But don’t go there if you need a psychologist or brain surgery – just small time stuff.  Regardless, I highly recommend the CVS minute clinic.

4. COIT air duct cleaning review – This is something that most people take for granted.  We assume that the air we breathe in our houses is clean and free of lint, dust, allergens and more.  In fact its what you can’t see that can cost you or even harm you.  I knew someone once that had mold in her house really bad and they didn’t know it and lived with that condition for years.  It ended up causing them all kinds of health problems that they eventually died from.  If you think you have mold or other similar or potentially hazardous problems with your air ducts and the air quality in your house be sure and have a professional like the people at COIT take a look at it.

5. Prices Chicken Coop fried chicken review – Oh man, if you’ve never had fried chicken from Price’s Chicken Coop then you do not know what you’re missing.  It is so good and so famous that rock and rap stars with names like Snoop Dogg request it and even demand it whenever they’re in town for a show or concert.  I’ve had this fried chicken and there’s a reason why it’s considered the best fried chicken you’ll find anywhere – it’s awesome!  It’s even been featured on numerous food and eating shows on TV.  But be sure and take cash as they do not accept credit cards there.  I found that out the hard way and had to hunt down an ATM several miles away.

6. New Lite headlight cleaner review – This one may be a little out of season, but I guess it’s never out of season to make your car look better.  This one has become extremely popular as apparently by reading reviews on the internet this is the only product that truly restores headlight lenses.  I didn’t know prior to reading this that yellowed headlight lenses were such a problem.  Apparently, like most plastic products they get gritty and worn from exposure to the sun and weather.  A friend of mine bought this product, New Lite headlight cleaner, and had great results.  The headlights on their Audi look to me to be brand new.  And with all the emails we’ve been receiving on this I say it must be a great product.

7. Dallas criminal attorney John Teakell review – This one has been hot and judging by the e-mails we’ve been receiving on it it looks like arrests must be way up in Dallas Texas.  Criminal defense attorney John Teakell must be really busy and raking it in.  As they say in recessions the crime rate always goes up.  The deeper the recession the higher the crime rate and the more business successful criminal defense attorneys like John Teakell will be getting.  We have not received one negative response to this review on this attorney – so he must be really good.

8. Cooltext free logo and button website review – if you own a website and you want some cool logos or free buttons then you need to check out  We use them here at for our logos.  Everything on the website is free to use and then some really cool fonts and more for you to use.  building a logo or a button takes minutes and you can create great quality logos and buttons.  Definitely a great resource for anyone considering building or creating their own website.

9. Aweber email marketing and automation review – If you own a website, especially one that sells items then you definitely need to be using your e-mail list to increase your profits.  no service does this better from what I’ve seen then Aweber.  I have used them for several different websites purslane myself and we’ve also heard a lot of positive things about them from the readers here on  You definitely need to give them a try if you want to utilize and mine your email lists to increase your profits.

10. ADT security review – I scoured the web on this issue and I couldn’t find much of anything positive for ADT security systems.  Instead I found tons of horror stories of abusive billing practices, bad home security installations, horrible customer service, etc…  from what I found it sound like this cop was a complete nightmare and you may want to stay away from them.

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