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Super Target Complaint – I will never go back there after spending over an hour looking for basic household items

I had a horrible experience at Super Target

I was on my way back from a client at work and needed to pick up a few things for around the house. I saw a sign for a super Target and decided this was a great place to stop at considering it was supposed to have just about every under the sun.

So having decent experiences in the past at the regular Targets I thought this experience would be no different. I know it is a large retail store, and it can be overwhelming in size, but never had trouble navigating it in the past.

So I walked in and thought in my mind of what I needed to go get in the store. I needed a new tooth brush, some cleaning supplies for the house, paper towels, and a birthday card for my little cousins birthday coming up. Not a tall task at all I don’t think. However what I expected to be 5 minutes was not.

I wandered aimlessly through the aisle trying to find the signs for the products I needed. With little to no luck at all trying to find what I was looking for. I tried to make my way up and down all the aisles before asking someone for help but I got too frustrated.

When I asked for help that wasn’t much better. The employee I snagged to ask for help seemed disinterested and I could barely get two words out of him as for any direction. I finally said thanks anyway I’ll just find it myself.

It took me over an hour to travel through the depths of the store but I finally got all the things I was looking for. It was an unnecessary detour and I was late getting back to the office because of it. This is the last time I will be shopping at a Super Target. It was a clear cut waste of my time.

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