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Take 5 Oil Change Review – this quick an easy oil change shop provides good service, an awkward experience, and high prices

My experience at Take 5 Oil change was awkward and expensive.

My car had just passed the 5000 mile mark and it was time to get an oil change. The only problem was that it was Sunday and not many places were open and I needed to get it done today because I had a long drive to make for work the next day.

I looked everywhere online to see if anything was opened when I remembered was this new place down the street take Take 5 Oil Change that I guess services only oil changes. I had never heard anything about this place and was always a bit skeptical to try new auto places because of shops will damage your car or try to up sell you some garbage you don’t need for your car.

However, I was in a pinch and tried it out. I showed up and the place wasn’t crowded. I guess it lived up to their sign out front that said no lines and no waiting. Most places you need to get out of your car to request the service and you wait in the waiting area while your car was worked on. Here there was no waiting area and I was forced.

A man approached me right outside the garage and asked me to pop my hood and asked if I needed an oil change. Obviously I did since I was at an oil change only place, but I was polite in our conversation. He closed the hood of my car and another worker guided me into the garage over this well beneath the car.

It was an interesting set up to see that the car didn’t need to be lifted at all and they had a well for someone to climb under the car to take care of draining the old oil out of my car. I shut off the car and the man that approached me in the beginning walked me through all they were doing to the car and that they were going to top off all of my fluid levels along with change my oil.

I was offered a complimentary drink while I waited which was nice. I got a lemonade which was served to me in a tiny cup. So I sat there drinking my lemonade while they worked on changing my oil but it was a bit awkward that I had to sit there while they were working on it. You felt compelled to make small talk because of the awkward silence, but instead I just acted busy on my phone, but it was still uncomfortable.

After draining my oil they tried to sell me a some high grade oil boasting that it would give me better gas milage. This was what I was worried about when going to a new place. Shops trying to sell you crap you don’t need and I declined, but they use scare tactics to try to bully you into spending more money.

Stuff like that really bugs me and I said I would just like the cheapest deal they offered. I only needed a simple oil change nothing crazy. The total came to $28 which is a bit steep for an oil change, but in a pinch I didn’t mind spending a few extra bucks. I saw on their sign that they offered services for just an oil change for as much as 72 dollars! That is ridiculous, I don’t know who buys that package but it seems completely unnecessary.

They finished up pretty quick but it was definitely longer than 5 minutes which is a bit of false advertising. I would say it took about 15 minutes which isn’t bad at all and the no waiting part was also nice. They seemed to have done a good job with it, and my car is running fine. The price was a little high and I didn’t like waiting in the car while they did it. I felt really uncomfortable. I am undecided as to whether I’ll go back there, or to my normal mechanic to get my oil changed. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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