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Target Charlotte NC store complaint – I saw an employee do something REALLY gross!

Target Charlotte NC store complaint
I saw something really gross that a Target employee did at the University Target store in Charlotte NC!

Upon finding this great website I find it important to tell everyone about a really gross or sickening incident I saw the other day at my local Target store here on University Boulevard (across from UNCC). I was in the Target store shopping and happened to be by the far corner of the store between the men’s and women’s clothes.

I was there getting some school supplies for my children and wanted to see if they had a cool shirt my son would like – his favorite shirt had gotten eaten by the washing machine somehow and he was very upset over that. So, I wanted to find him a new shirt and hoped to find something that he would like and maybe even a replacement for the t=shirt that got eaten.

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Then it happened – a female Target employee (it was quite obvious that she was an employee) was scratching her butt and then, not noticing me, she stuck her whole hand and half of her forearm past her wrist down the backside of her pants. She was either scratching herself or rubbing herself or something like that.

Then she pulled her arm and hand out and put her fingers up to her nose and sniffed them – that’s right, she smelled them really up close and from the looks of her face she didn’t like what she smelled. Then she took her hand and wiped it off on a shirt that was next to her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was like so gross. I was just thinking of looking at these t-shirts to find one for my son and now there was absolutely no way I was going to look at any of these t-shirts. Who knows how many times prior this female Target employee had done something similar?

Were there other T-Shirts in this Target that smelled like poo? I am sure after pulling her hand out of her ass that it probably did not smell good and the fact that she did it was bad enough, but the fact that she did it right in front of a customer and then wiped it off on clothes that customers buy was unbelievable and just sick.

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The female employee saw me looking and she gave me a dirty look and walked off. That was just disgusting. Why on earth would anyone stick their hand down their backside like that and then sniff their hand and when finding that it smelled rather offensive wiping it off in clothes customers like me might buy.

I was so grossed out I just left my shopping cart and walked right out of the store. That was sick and just plain wrong. Target needs to do a better job of screening their employees so that doesn’t ever happen again. It will be a long time before I return to the University Boulevard Target again.

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