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TD Bank Complaint – They no longer are Americas most convenient bank

TD Bank is falsely claiming that they are the most convenient bank, when they are clearly not.

I have been a TD Bank customer for years. Since the days of when it was Bank North all the way to the final TD Bank name change merger. I had been pretty satisfied with their services so far. However I just received a very unsettling letter in the mail just last week.

For the entirety of their existence they have offered no ATM fees and it was their signature feature. This was one of the main selling points for me wanting to open an account with their bank. It truly made it convenient to go anywhere you wanted with no restrictions as to where you could take money out.

Those days are sadly coming to an end this March of 2011. As of then they will begin charging the standard fee to use other banks ATM’s. This is a bit problematic for me because I am away at school half of the year where there are no ATM’s located near me. The nearest TD Bank is located 2 states away and isn’t plausible for me to go there to take out money.

It really leaves customers like me with no choice but to change banks. They are driving up costs and driving away customers. It wouldn’t surprise me if they lost more customers to this horrible change in policy. They really don’t offer anything else that is convenient.

Yes, they are open on Sundays, but who cares. Is there no time during the week where you couldn’t fit your 15 minutes of banking in. America has been fitting it in the 9-5 time slot Monday-Friday forever. This really has no value or merit to me.

TD Bank has truly disappointed me and will have lost my business by this time next month. It is a shame that a company that I have had such strong loyalty to has driven me away. I am now looking at opening a Wachovia or Bank of America account. I guess I’ll have to see which has better benefits.

2 thoughts on “TD Bank Complaint – They no longer are Americas most convenient bank

  1. TD Bank tried to steal over 300 dollars from checking account last summer. I logged onto to check my balance and all my money was gone. I had to be on the phone for over 2 hours on hold and talked to 8 different people just to get my money that taken from me back. They didn’t even apologize. Needless to say I closed that account later in the week and now own a Wachovia account. I love it.

  2. I too have been a long and happy customer. I have even worked there when it was Commerce Bank. I too will be closeing my account with TD Bank….I don’t live near a branch either and will have to go out of my way to get my money…I think I should be able to charge them $2.00 for the gas money I have to use to go out of my way…TD is nothing like Commerce Bank. Employees had pride working for Commerce, not anymore. Commerce bank cared aboaut it’s customers TD bank does not.

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