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TD Bank Review – A Convenient Place to Bank

I was very happy with my experience at TD Bank


I was unhappy with my old bank (Bank of America) and decided to take my money elsewhere to open up a new account. I had seen some commercials on TV for TD Bank so I decided to see what they had to offer. I was hoping they could exceed Bank of America.

I walked in and was a bit surprised by the set up inside. There were ropes to confine lines like most bank. It was very open. It gave me almost a freeing feeling. Most banks I feel very confined and restricted. I then sat down in one of the chairs to wait for someone to be available to talk about opening a new account.

someone became available and I sat down in their office. She was very friendly and asked how she could assist me. I told her I was unhappy with Bank of America and wanted to take my money here to open an account. She said no problem and got me started.




She started telling me about their no ATM fees regardless of what ATM you use. I was shocked. No more ATM fees? I asked her to explain more. She said that all ATM fees will be reimbursed at the end of the month regardless of what the charge may be. This seemed like a great perk. I hated searching for an ATM of bank just to take money out. This would no longer be an issue. It was also good because they don’t have banks anywhere but the northeast. So if I am traveling I can take money out wherever I need to.

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She then went on to talk about linking up a savings account to my checking. She said that if you over draft you can be covered by your savings account. The money would just be drawn from that account. I thought that was a pretty nice feature too. She also said that they are open 7 days a week. After hearing that I was sold, and decided to open both a checking and savings account at TD Bank.

I was very happy with my experience there. No longer will I be searching for the right ATM’s. It will be nice to be able to bank freely on the weekends as well. I tell everyone I can about TD Bank. I would definitely recommend it if you aren’t happy with your bank and looking to switch.

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