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Teeter Hang Ups inversion table review – is it worth the high price and is it great for stretching your back?

Teeter Hang Ups inversion table review and complaint
I bought the latest Teeter Hang Ups inversion table and was disappointed with it and their lack of good customer service.

I happened to see a commercial on TV late at night for this Teeter Hang ups inversion table thing. This old man there was apparently Mr. Teeter and the Hangups inventor went on to talk about and explain how this inversion table has supposedly stretched his back and changed his life and made him feel years younger. After watching this commercial and their claim of 100% satisfaction guarantee I decided to go ahead and buy one.

The price ended up paying through their phone number was around $350. Kind of steep in my opinion for inversion table or similar apparatus. I figured that it was probably the best thing on the market and you usually do pay a little more to have the best. So I waited and it came about five weeks later – which must be the slowest shipping I’ve ever seen – that tipped me off right there that it may not be everything they promised in the commercial.

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The slow – I mean really slow shipping kind of ticked me off. And of course it doesn’t come assembled and they don’t offer to assemble it for you. You need to assemble it all yourself and it takes a little while to do that. While assembling it you will see that it is actually a very cheaply made contraption.

This Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is definitely not a $300 inversion table. It is more likely worth $60-$70 or maybe even $90 at maximum – nowheres near the $300 to $350 price range of this thing. Upon using it it works okay for stretching out one’s back, but I had already seen another inversion table that they had at BJ’s wholesale I think it was by Gold’s Gym and it was all far better construction than this.

What really got me mad was how cheaply made this Teeter Hangups inversion table was in comparison to the Gold’s Gym inversion table they had at BJ’s for $125. The Gold’s gym inversion table was far better and far superior and almost 1/3 of the price of the Teeter Hangups model.

So I took the Teeter hangups inversion table model apart, put it back in its box and shipped it back to the company along with a note saying I wanted my money back because it was a very cheap construction and I was not happy with it. I waited two weeks and then called to find out the status of my refund.

The company said that I had never shipped my inversion table back to them. Yes I did. It’s a good thing I shipped it with tracking. So I had proof that I had returned the item to them. After several phone calls and escalating the call to a supervisor and other people, finally they offered to refund my money minus the shipping and handling charges.

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So not only do they sell a poor quality inversion table for way too much money at Teeter Hangups, but they also try and lie their way out of making refunds and honoring their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that they so proudly display in all of their TV commercials.

It is of my opinion that the Teeter hangups inversion table is pure crap and not worth more than $60 or so dollars. For a little over $100 you can get inversion table for stretching out your back by Gold’s gym at your local BJ’s Wholesale Club that is of far better quality. They also have terrible
customer service and try and renege on their product guarantee.

2 thoughts on “Teeter Hang Ups inversion table review – is it worth the high price and is it great for stretching your back?

  1. Teeter Hangups inversion table is bit expensive than rest of all but still it manages its value in market.. It helps in reducing back pain etc…
    It is not difficult to bring back to an upright position when anyone wants to get off the inversion table. Thus , it is great for stretching back and give peace..

  2. I am very satisfied with the teeter table. I even bought one for my daughter at a Goodwill store. I am 67 yrs old and need to use it every day. Can not sleep on my side at night if I don’t use it early in the afternoon and a couple hrs before bedtime. I am having a problem . I weigh 250 lbs and have pulled 2 tendons in 8 months I had to wait several months for it to heal before I could use the table again. Very miserable months. My MD sent my wife to see a chiropractor so I signed up also The doctor showed us my wifes x rays of all her bad spinal problems. He then said for a 67 yr old man yours are in excellent condition. I told him about the inversion table and he gave it the credit. My wife just had both knees replaced and cannot use one . I guess I will see if I can find my old ski boots to hold everything in place hoping to protect my muscles.

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