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Tempur-Pedic mattress and pillow review – they are very expensive and not as great as they claim.

Tempur-Pedic mattress and pillow review
I bought a Tempur Pedic mattress set and pillows for my wife and I and I ended up not being very happy with it.

A few years ago I and my wife decided to go out on a limb and upgrade to a much better mattress and pillows. With all the hype surrounding the new space aged technology used in Tempur-Pedic we were led to believe that this would do wonders for our sleep and comfort. because we have small kids we have suffered due to lack of sleep for quite some time and needed something to relieve this if possible.

We saw the Tempur Pedic bed as our ideal solution. I couldn’t wait to get one. It turned out they were quite expensive and cost more than twice as much as a comparable top-of-the-line mattress set. But we decided to do all the great claims in the TV ads and commercials that we would splurge and see if this could improve the quality of our sleep and rest.

When we finally had a chance to sleep on the Tempur-Pedic mattress and pillows and try them out we thought they were really comfortable at first. But we found ourselves waking up in the middle of night being too hot. The Tempur Pedic material is definitely different than regular mattresses in that it maintains or seals in body heat. Obviously if you live in the north in the winter this could be a great thing, but we live in Florida where this is a definite negative.

I mean, seriously, I was waking up in the middle night sweating and I had no blankets on or even a sheet. I found you also cannot use low-cost mattress covers to protect from spills – a mattress cover is an absolute necessity with little kids like we have. if you use a low-cost mattress cover, the material of the Tempur Pedic mattress will rip it apart fast. It’s just like wearing jeans on a wrestling mat. The mat will grab the jean material and tear it apart.

Another negative which my wife really hated and was very quick to point out was that the Tempur-Pedic pillow causes wrinkling. that’s right you can actually see more wrinkles in your face in the morning after sleeping on these pillows. Not only will it give you more wrinkles they are also deeper and take a lot longer to go away. My wife said she actually looked older when she looked at herself in the morning after sleeping on the Tempur Pedic pillow.

She immediately stopped using the pillow after finding that out – what woman wants a product that makes their face wrinkle more and have deeper lines that stay much longer then when using a regular pillow? No woman would ever want this. Add to this the fact that this Tempur Pedic bed mattress doesn’t do anything more for my back than the Sealy Posturepedic mattress we had previously.

Actually, to be honest, I bet you the folks that got the previous mattress that we dropped off at Goodwill are probably getting better sleep with the Sealy Posturepedic mattress then we are with the far more expensive Tempur Pedic. Overall I have to rate this mattress and pillows set as terrible. They were far too expensive and are definitely not any wheres near as good as their commercials and advertisements claim.

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