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The Better Business Bureau consumer reporting review – the BBB is really just a scam shaking down businesses and giving incorrect information to consumers!

The Better Business Bureau consumer reporting review
The Better business Bureau (BBB) is a great big extortion scam - be very wary of them and their wrong business ratings!

I want to be clear on this – I am NOT and will NEVER be a member of the BBB. They are a shady scam on a national level. Let me tell you this – I’ve been in business for over ten years. In that time I have set myself apart from my competition by offering the best service and products possible. I sell educational sales and marketing CDs and as of this time I have over 21,000 satisfied customers in over 62 countries.

That’s a lot of happy customers all over the world. During those ten years I’ve only ever had had one (1) person complain to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This individual requested and was denied a refund 14 months after he bought a set of educational CDs, even though we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. We don’t do refunds 14 months later. I don’t think anyone does that anywhere.

Just try going into Kohl’s or Best Buy 14 months later to do a return and see what happens. Anyway, The local BBB called on behalf of the customer and wasn’t very nice at all. They talked to me like I was some kind of criminal or scam (the sad reality here is that the only scam was and still is the Better Business Bureau). I told the guy that called that they have no voice in this issue.

The customer agreed to the terms and conditions when they bought the items and it was now well past 14 months later. If he had contacted me in the first 30 days and had any issue whatsoever I would have gladly refunded him, but he didn’t. He instead decided to wait 14 months and then file a BBB complaint. The BBB guy then tried to extort money from me.

That’s right. He didn’t really care about the customers complaint as he promised to make that and any other complaint that came their way about my business go away. He said, “You know you currently have a ‘C’ rating. If you don’t rectify this situation by becoming a member, it will be lowered to the ‘F’ rating.” He never said to rectify the situation by refunding the customer. He didn’t care about the customer. All he cared about was me joining that quite apparent BBB extortion scam train.

I told him there was no way I was going to be extorted by the Better Business Bureau and told him to kiss my a**. Like clock work the very next day, my BBB rating was indeed lowered to an “F”. That should be and probably is illegal and extortion. I just did a quick little search on the internet and found this great website and many others full of complaints about the Better Business Bureau.

It’s sad that the biggest and most trusted consumer reporting agency was really just an extortion scam all these years. It is fact – the BBB is a complete SCAM. It is a company that makes no legislation, has no authority, is totally corrupt, and should be stripped of its non-profit status. Hopefully we will soon see the Better Business Bureau close its doors permanently in every state.

No more extortion and giving consumers wrongful information and businesses wrong ratings all in the name of profits by extortion. Be wary of the Better Business Bureau extortion scam and do not pay attention to their wrong and misleading ratings.

3 thoughts on “The Better Business Bureau consumer reporting review – the BBB is really just a scam shaking down businesses and giving incorrect information to consumers!

  1. I agree. The BBB tried to hook me in at $300 per year for membership and I also was promised that my rating or BBB grade would become an A right away with paid membership. The BBB is a scam and I think some state attorney generals are going after them now.

  2. Check out this link I just found on the Connecticut attorney General Blumenthal and his pursuit of the BBB. It also tells of bad and unethical business practices the BBB has been doing for years in their pay for A+ grades system. It is a fact that the BBB is a scam and needs to be closed down.

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