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The cost of an abortion in Charlotte NC is ridiculous!

Whatever happened to the days a free abortions at abortion clinics? Back in the 80’s and 90’s abortion clinics were everywhere and many of these were either low cost or free. Now that we are in the year 2012 I cannot find a single free abortion clinic anywhere near me. My boyfriend’s best friend and I made a mistake at a party where we were both a little tipsy. Now I’m pregnant and I don’t make a whole lot of money (I am a college student at UNCC).

So, what are the options available here in Charlotte NC? An abortion runs from $325 to $2,500 depending upon which women’s clinic you go to. None of them publish their prices on their websites and quite a few want you to come in and make an appointment at which time then they’ll tell you how much it will cost. Almost every time the clinics that do not quote you a price over the phone and tell you that you must come in and have the doctor see you first are the most expensive.

I don’t see why there has to be such a huge difference in pricing in the same city for the exact same abortion service. This just tells me it’s some practices or women’s clinics are all about profits. We are growing up still and we make mistakes – mistakes that we shouldn’t have to live with for the rest of our lives. In Europe abortions are free. Why can’t it be that way here in the US?

There is no way it should cost $325 – $1,000 for an abortion for a simple mistake. I ended up going to one of the local women’s clinics where it ended up costing me $375 for the abortion and some medicine to help me through the pain I went through the next several days. I will just chalk it up to an expensive lesson. The good thing is my boyfriend doesn’t and won’t ever know what happened.


His best friend ended up splitting the cost of the abortion with me and we are still friends. I guess things could always have been worse. This late-night drunk hookup could have cost me my relationship with my boyfriend, my ability to attend college and more. Now it is behind me I can move on. My boyfriend asked me to marry him last weekend and we are now engaged.

If I were still pregnant this would never of happened. My boyfriend would probably have disowned me. His best friend is not father material. It would have been a lose – lose situation. So it is times like this where an abortion is a good thing even if it costs almost $400.

I am not for abortions and never have been, but there are times like this where they are a necessity. What if someone were raped? There were protesters outside the woman’s clinic that were mean and yelling at me as I arrived. They do not know me or care about me or my situation. They can go to hell for all I care. Abortions, albeit, not pretty, are a required part of life today. I just wish they were more affordable like they were in the not too far off past.

One thought on “The cost of an abortion in Charlotte NC is ridiculous!

  1. What clinic did you use? I am in the same situation in the same city. I’ve read some horror stories about botched abortions at some of the clinics, so I’m just trying to find one on the more affordable end since I have no job and I don’t want to die for the cheapness.

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