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The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) gets ensnarled in the Columbia prostitution scandal – is it time to end the DEA?…

It appears that the illustrious and infinitesimally stupid staff at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has gotten itself embroiled in the Colombian prostitution scandal. Is there any surprise to this? No – this is the same agency that leaves detainees that are not under arrest locked up in cells without food and water for 5 days (very inhumane treatment and a complete violation of US laws and constitutional rights) – to read more on the detainee story click here.

The DEA is a waste

It is widely known and a hot subject of debate that the DEA is a completely unnecessary and very expensive government agency. According to the agencies own website in the past 20 years it has cost over $500 billion to fund their agency and its activities. Many of these activities are questionable at best.

DEA is a corrupt govenment agency and routinely violates US citizen rights
DEA is a corrupt govenment agency and routinely violates US citizen rights!

The DEA focuses on high profile and high dollar seizures. They do this because they need those monies to fund their questionable activities. For instance, it’s well-known that the DA has been involved in drug smuggling and gunrunning across the Mexican border. You would think this is counter to their mission, but its just another example of corruption in the DEA. The DEA has thought for years that they can operate above the law because they are the law. Now, this year they got caught twice.

The DEA almost killed a US citizen

First they got caught violating a US citizens rights and almost killing him as he almost died of kidney failure due to the fact that he was not given food or water for five days. This will result in a lawsuit and the DEA will be forced to pay at least $20 million to settle their wrongdoing. Some underling will be fired and the lost monies will be quickly recouped through negotiations and the eventual blind eye being turned to some large drug shipments or even a lending hand like the use of DEA helicopters to transport the drugs into the US (this happens all the time and don’t think it doesn’t).

DEA snarled in prostitution scandal

Next, the DEA got caught in the already rapidly growing prostitution scandal that initially involved just the Secret Service. I wouldn’t doubt it if this was all a cover-up for something far more involved like for instance the use of prostitutes by Pres. Obama outside of the country. Right now they’re saying that the White House had no knowledge of this misuse of masseuses and prostitutes in Colombia.

It is obvious that this prostitution ring or whatever you want to call it is nothing new and has been going on for quite some time. The White House and higher-ups in the Secret Service and DEA could not be oblivious to this. They fully well knew what was going on. Their agencies depend upon information and watching their backs and their agents in the field.

They have to do this because other agencies are constant watching their agents. In the never-ending battle for government funding, it would not be below any one government agency to expose another one and their misdeeds so that you get a bigger piece of the pie funded by American taxpayers. Some secretive government agencies, like the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency) make it routine policy to both watch and infiltrate any and all government agencies that operate outside of the country. they do this so they can use these agencies to their advantage.

You also have to ask yourself if what is being reported is the truth, a half-truth or a complete lie. Is there more to this story than is currently being revealed? Most likely yes as there almost always is when it involves government agencies like the DEA and Secret Service. Regardless, the DEA agents should not have been using or shacking up with prostitutes in Columbia or anywhere else.

There is a reason for this – everyone knows that other countries have spies and spy agencies similar to the CIA and NSA. They all know that the number one way to get information or play someone inside or find out what’s going on is to use females and sex. The KGB and the CIA have been doing this for decades. When a foreign dignitaries that’s important visits the country involved, like in this case – Columbia, make sure they have insiders and so on ready to take advantage of the situation.

DEA higher – ups are full of shit and guilty

Even if it isn’t Columbia doing it, don’t think that Putin and his Russian network or Germany or another super power isn’t plotting and trying to get insider information on something. With this in mind there is no way that this could have occurred more than a few times without the highest positions in the DEA knowing full well what was going on – maybe the reason why this was allowed to go on was because the higher-ups actively participated in this practice themselves?

It is well-known in Washington DC that the use of high class prostitutes and escorts is rampant. Old wrinkled, rich men which compromise the majority of the Senate, House of Representatives, White House staff, advisers, and other politically connected individuals are more then apt and have shown a propensity to use escorts and prostitutes. Now the DEA got caught along with the Secret Service and they need to pay the price.

But, there is more at stake here, a lot more with the DEA. The DEA has been operating in Columbia for years. The secret service only goes prior to the president or some other important official’s visit. The DEA has been misusing women and abusing policies and laws. How can they police the drug war (which is a failed war at that) and arrest American citizens when they can’t even follow the laws of our country?

The drug war is a farce and a lost cause

Then to make matters worse, after just doing a bare minimum of research, you will find that the drug war is a complete farce and full of lies. Much of these lies originate with and from the DEA (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency). These lies cover the prohibition of marijuana and the agreement between the DEA, FBI, HHS and other agencies to keep marijuana listed as a schedule 1 drug even though it has dozens, if not hundreds, of medical uses.

As of right now, schedule 1 drugs as they are listed and referred to by the DEA, FBI, HHS and others, have no medical use whatsoever. What this means is that there’s no medicinal effects at all for these drugs. Pardon me, but marijuana has been proven to reduce cancerous growth, reduce or shrink tumors, treat depression, epilepsy, glaucoma, wasting disease, increase appetites in those being treated with chemotherapy and with AIDS or HIV.

The DEA is lying to you

There is so much more that marijuana can medically treat, but the DEA has taken the position completely against any medical use of marijuana. They won’t even let researchers and professors experiment, test and do research with marijuana to see what it’s medicinal benefits are (see it here at DEA denies medical research on marijuana). Why is the DEA so against marijuana?

They are completely against marijuana because it is their greatest cash crop and source of revenue. If marijuana were made legal the DEA would lose probably around 90% of their seizures and government funding. they would lose the government funding because the vast majority of criminals that they’re going after currently, as in the state of California, are people that have been granted the right by their state (California) to have medical marijuana and have a doctor’s prescription to either buy it or grow it.

The DEA is a pathetic Organization doing every last ditch possible effort to hold onto their cash cow. They don’t care about the rights or needs of American citizens (here is more proof that the DEA violates US citizens rights.) They do not care about the truth or ethics (you can clearly see that in the DEA’s consistent involvement in conspiracies and cover-ups ever since it was founded). The DEA knows they can’t win the war on drugs. But they also know that they can’t stave off the legalization of marijuana here in America forever.

DEA corruption - where does all the money go
DEA corruption - where does all the money go? In the agents pockets and to further their corruption and abusive practices!

Marijuana is good – DEA is bad, very bad

With the Internet and other countries like Canada and England allowing medical research into marijuana and its chemical components it was only a matter of time before medical marijuana became legal in the United States. Right now there are 17 states that have approved medical usage of marijuana for patients in their perspective states. within the next two or three years there will be at least five more states and possibly more. once that number reaches 26 and over then legalization will be inevitable.

With the amount of indisputable evidence in favor of the medicinal and healthful properties of marijuana it’s only good to be a matter of when not if that the marijuana prohibition is completely removed. The DEA is just another 100% corrupt, useless and money wasting government agency that we would be better off without. If marijuana were made legal there would be no powerful drug cartels in Mexico and elsewhere. So what would we need the DEA for if 90% of all they do deals with marijuana?

The DEA is full of thieves and liars

The DEA is a bunch of thieves and liars. There is no accountability for their money and drug seizures and they routinely pocket much of the cash and resell the drugs they confiscate. Did you get that? – the DEA agents routinely keep the cash and resell the drugs they confiscate and the DEA helps launder money for drug cartels! This is disgusting and abusive behavior by a government agency that is 100% corrupt and thinks they don’t have to answer to anyone. It is also the reason why the street price of various drugs has not changed over the past 15 years or more.

If all the big publicized drug busts the DEA supposedly does had any effect then the price of marijuana and other drugs would skyrocket as their availability would decrease. This is far from the truth. Drugs have never been more plentiful or accessible than now.

The DEA routinely practices illegal and unethical behavior

The point here is once again the US Drug Enforcement Agency has been caught in unethical and illegal behavior. When are we citizens going to have enough and call this into question in Washington DC? The DEA is abusing citizens, lying to them and hurting and killing them by supporting Mexican drug cartels. The drug war kills tens of thousands of people (probably millions when you include US deaths over the illegal drug trade). Enough is enough. DEA you arrest US citizens for selling medicine they are legally allowed to do by their state then you steal, rape, murder, launder, etc… You need to be held accountable. The DEA and its leadership should be put under arrest as they Unquestionably knew about the behavior of their agents and their activities from hiring prostitutes to laundering millions for drug cartels and reselling drugs on the street to raise funds.

It is time the DEA was brought to an end

The DEA is a sick, corrupt agency and needs to be ended. The monies we waste on the drug war could be better used by putting them into education. Elementary schools, middle schools and high schools are all suffering from massive budget cuts throughout America. Our teachers have to do with larger classrooms than ever, fewer resources and no paying increases. Yet at the same time the DEA is spending billions on the latest in technology to fight their ridiculous and wasteful drug war from both sides.

Help put a stop to sick government corruption. This is a big election year. Contact your state and federal representatives, senators and the White House. Tell them you don’t want the DEA around anymore and to realign the budget in favor of education, not for a lost cause and corrupt government agency. The more of us that do this the quicker the demise of the DEA will come.

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