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The Egg Genie – the ultimate way to make boiled eggs!

I picked this thing called the Egg Genie up the other day at the local Ross department store. It was in the kitchen and cooking area. According to the box it said it made it super easy to make hard boiled eggs and I figured it would be great for egg salad sandwiches (which are something I really love). So I picked it up for $5 and thought I’d try it and here are some of the pictures. The Egg Genie was very easy to use and basically you just had to add water and plug it in.

Egg Genie 1

Egg Genie 2

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Egg Genie with eggs boiling

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egg genie 4

Egg Genie with only a few eggs

What I really liked about the Egg Genie was that it was so easy to use and I can hard boil anywhere from 1 to 7 eggs at a time. I can also choose to have them soft, medium or hard boiled. For egg salad you need hard boiled or else its a mushy mess. For eating plain there’s nothing like a good soft boiled egg. This Egg Genie is awesome and the kids love it too.

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