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The Home Depot Steele Creek #3662 Complaint – Manager Thought I Was Shoplifting As I was Loading My Truck

Home Depot

14310 Rivergate Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28273

Last week I went to The Home Depot in Rivergate Plaza here is Steele Creek NC.  I had gone with my neighbor to help him get some lumber for a project he was starting in his back yard.  He usually asks me if I can help him out since I have a truck.  We headed over there in the early afternoon to try and beat out the storms that we have been having here in NC.

When we arrived at the Home Depot, I pulled right up near the loading zone for contractors since the wood we needed to get was right in front.  Since my neighbor was paying for all the wood and supplies, he had ran into the store to get some nails and then to pay for the total order.  I stayed outside and started loading the word into the back of the truck since he was getting a lot and it was about to pour.

As I was loading the wood into the back of my truck, I was then approached by two African American workers which one I later found out was a manager.  They asked me if I needed help and I said sure I could use the extra help to get this loaded.  The manager then had screamed to me “Do you have your receipt”. I told him that my neighbor was inside buying some nails and was paying for the wood that I was loading.

That is when the manager went ballistic and freaked out on me.  He said we don’t do it like that here and that I needed to go inside to pay for the order first.  I started walking toward him and headed inside with him.  I told him that it wasn’t a problem at all that I needed to pay for the order, but my neighbor was just going to get nails and would be right up to the register.  I didn’t leave the front because I didn’t want him to think that I was just going to leave and was stealing the product.

The manager and gone somewhere on the phone and I never saw him ever again.  I had told my neighbor what was happening and he laughed at the whole situation because it was stupid. We then had checked out and the order had come up to $92 and some change.  We had then walked back out to my truck and the other African American worker was out there asking me again if I wanted him to help us load the wood in the truck.

I said sure thing because we wanted to get out of there before the rain started.  The worker then had told me that his manager made him take the wood out of my truck.  I was appalled at that and could not believe this was actually happening.  If this was me paying for this order I would have been right back in the store returning the entire order.  I was really pissed off that they thought I was going to steal and had the audacity to take it back off of my truck when I wasn’t around.

I will never be returning to a Home Depot anywhere!  The employees are rude but I see where they learn it from, the managers!  Do not shop here unless you want to be thought as a shoplifter!

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