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The Human Centipede Movie Review – this movie was absolutely disgusting and the gore will make you vomit

This movie was beyond graphic and shouldn't be seen by anyone.

My roommate has Netflix and we were browsing through movies to see what we wanted to watch. We were streaming it through out Xbox so it was very convenient to pick and choose what we wanted to see right now. I wanted to see a horror movie so we went over to that Genre to see what there was available. We came across the movie The Human Cenipede, and thought we should try this one.

I had heard a few of my friends talk about how gross this movie was and that it was nearly unbearable to watch. When someone gives you such a horrid review of a movie it kind of makes you curious. I don’t really have a weak stomach so I figured it couldn’t be that bad.

Now when you think of the title The Human Centipede what does it make you think of? It makes you think of maybe a person transforming into a centipede, or worse maybe a few people strung together to form a centipede like creature. This movie featured the latter suggestion. Let me tell you it was graphic.

I must say the movie starts out a little slow and displays some terrible acting. It features a few people getting lost and tracked down by this mad doctor and wants to create this nasty ungodly creature bring the Human Centipede. I think this cast must have been selected off the street, or maybe they just needed to find some really low budget actors to do this horrid film.

The movie goes into pretty good detail about the surgery where 3 people are going to be attached butt to mouth in a disgusting surgical matter. This forcing the people to have a single digestive track and let me tell you it gets disgustingly graphic when the waste travels through the three bodies. I had never seen such a movie that made me want to actually vomit. I thought about turning it off, but I figured I made it this far I might as well see how it turns out.

The rest of the movie didn’t turn out very good I’ll tell you that much. It got worse in gore and graphics. There things in that movie I would have never even imagined, and sincerely disturbed me a bit. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, and leaves you with a horrible feeling for the people this occurred to even though it was all fictional. The movie ends with parts A and C dead, leaving B there alone to rot alone. I don’t think anyone should ever see this movie for how gross it was.

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