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The Lost Duffer Miniature Golf Course Review – I have played much nicer courses and it was very poorly kept

My experience at The Lost Duffer in Charlotte NC was pretty plain. I wouldn't recommend it.

My boyfriend and me were looking for a good place to play mini golf in the University area of Charlotte, NC. I thought the closest one was about 30 minutes away, so I decided to Google it to see if there were any closer to us. I came across the Lost Duffer miniature golf course and decided to give it a try.

The Lost Duffer was in a convenient location, less than ten minutes from my house. I’d drove by it pretty much every day but never realized that there was a mini golf place there. It was very well hidden, and didn’t look like it got too much business.

It was $10 for both of us to play, which wasn’t too bad. The guy working explained the course to us before we started. The first nine holes were outdoors and the second nine were indoors in a black light atmosphere. He also told us that on the 18th hole you can win a free game if you make a hole-in-one.




I wasn’t very impressed with the first nine holes. They weren’t very well kept and a little difficult. I like to have somewhat of a challenge while playing but these were actually very simple and straightforward holes. The difficult part was the balls would get stuck between the green and the wood, and just be chilling on the concrete. It seemed like a course that a couple kids threw together.

I was pretty anxious to get inside to the black light end of the course, but it wasn’t much better. My boyfriend’s balls kept getting stuck behind wooden posts (which weren’t exactly put there to be a challenging obstacle). It was a little harder to see than I expected too. I was nervous I was going to trip over a hump in the course and had to be cautious while I walking the last nine holes.

I wouldn’t recommend this course if you’re looking for a quality mini golf course. One plus is that you’re allowed to drink on the course (or at least for the first nine holes). If your just looking to waste some time and don’t care how well the course is kept, it would be perfect.

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