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The Marijuana Policy Project in North Carolina and what you NEED to know!

The Marijuana Policy Project in North Carolina and what you NEED to know
Lets all get it together and make legalized medical marijuana in NC a reality!

Marijuana for many years has been misrepresented and literally lied about by politicians, church leaders and businessmen. Marijuana is the least harmful drug out there. It has no long lasting or destructive side effects. There are no deaths attributed to marijuana. Yet, alcohol and tobacco which together kill more people each year then AIDS and heart disease are perfectly legal for adults.

Marijuana has been proven through scientific research to have medical properties and to be very useful in treating a wide myriad of medical conditions. There is a lot of research on marijuana use that supports marijuana as a literal wonder drug. So, why then is it still illegal and why are some states like North Carolina having such a hard time passing medical marijuana laws so patients can get real medicine that isn’t harmful to their bodies?

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The reason is simple – corruption in politics and big corporations. North Carolina is tobacco and special interest country. Numerous state politicians have their hands deeply engulfed in big tobacco money. These companies and their politicians don’t want marijuana or even medical marijuana legalized as it will reduce the enormous profits from cigarette sales.

This is what is referred to as corruption because its not about what is right for North Carolinians, but rather about profits for these companies and campaign funding for these certain corrupt politicians. You need to know what issues and which way your politicians are leaning – are they for medical marijuana or against it? A great place to start your research is with the MPP or Marijuana Policy Project in North Carolina.

The MPP/NC website will inform you of what is going on in Raleigh with respect to the ever important issue of medical marijuana and what you can do about it. Get involved – the more that people get involved the greater our chances are of this legislation getting passed and becoming a law in 2012! NC patients need their healthy medicine. At the same time the states coffers could definitely use the millions in tax revenue medical marijuana would bring.

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14 other states now have medical marijuana approved. We need to make sure North Carolina become next. Its about time. Say no to corruption and special interests in Raleigh. Stand up for the peoples right to grow and partake in healthy and helpful medicine. Also be sure and read my other post on the marijuana petition here:

NC Medical Marijuana – we need your help – sign this petition!

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