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The Mental Keys to Hitting Book Review – this book really helped my approach to hitting

The Mental Keys to Hitting really helped me with my mental approach to baseball

I am high school baseball player and I had been in a slump over the past few weeks. I worked on my swing mechanics, seeing more pitches, swinging more, and just about anything under the sun to try to get my swing straight.

With little success a coach of mine recommended I try reading the Mental Keys to Hitting by H.A. Dorfman. He said that it really helped him when he was struggling at the plate when he was a player and thought it could help me too.

I was a bit skeptical but at this point I would try anything to get out of this nasty hitting slump. I bought the book on and it was shipped to my house in a couple of days. It was a pretty thin book. About 130 pages, and looked like a pretty easy read.

I picked it up and I read through it in just 2 days. It had a lot of good information about my approach at the plate. The book literally took you through every detail about an at bat from being in the on deck circle all the way through coming back to the dugout. I was impressed with the amount of detail it had.

I really thought a lot about the information I read about and applied it to my in game approach. It turned out to be the best thing I ever could have done. In my first game after reading this book I went 3-4 with a pair of doubles and single. I continued to see success in my hitting and compiled a nice hitting streak.

I would definitely credit a lot of my recent success to The Mental Keys to Hitting by H.A. Dorfman. It really helped straighten me out and gives you ideas on how to have a good approach at the plate and have some good at bats. I would definitely recommend this book to every baseball player young or old. I wish I just has gotten my hands on it when I was a little younger.

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