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The swine and bird flu – are they still a problem flu that we need to worry about?

swine and bird flu virus complaint
We need to stay alert as the odds or chances of a deadly bird flu variant emerging in the next few years is 100%!


I just read that there was a couple of recent cases in the past few days in Hong Kong and other Asian areas of H5N1 bird flu outbreaks. I also read that there was several recent deaths in Europe and other locations from the H1N1 swine flu. Many countries along with the World Health Organization have downgraded the warnings associated with these flu variants to basically where they are a not to worry – is this right?

The reason why I’m asking this question is that basic flu variants kill on average between 20,000 and 50,000 people per year each and every year. Usually they affect those that are older and have compromised immune systems. But I’m not talking about the regular basic flu.

What I’m talking about here is two variants of the flu that have never before been introduced to or affected humans. Or is that actually true? Yes we had the big swine flu scare over a year ago. And apparently there were different strains of that even as the strains that we had in America were not very lethal at all, whereas the one they had in Mexico was far more deadly.

How could this be that you could have two different versions of the same flu at the exact same time. To understand this need to understand a little bit about the flu virus. It is a very simple virus that constantly recombined with other viruses and changes its genetic code. This constant recombining and changing can produce all sorts of different variants quickly.




This is why some variants of the flu can be very deadly and have a upwards of 50% or higher kill rate like the one in Mexico. And other variants like the one that ran rampant throughout the United States had a lower than 1% kill ratio. And then you can also look at the much more deadlier bird flu (avian flu) and if you were to look back in history we actually had a poor effect outbreak of it in 1918.

In 1918 there was a pandemic version of the avian flu that killed over 20 million people worldwide. According to researchers and virus experts is something that reoccurs every 75 to 100 years that we have a pandemic flu virus. We are overdue for another one. The bird flu that keeps reemerging in different countries and locations in Asia (like Hong Kong in the past few days) is possibly even deadlier than the avian flu variant from 1918.

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The avian or bird flu that keeps reemerging in Asia has a greater than 50% kill ratio. It is actually some where’s around 70 to 80% – that is extremely scary! Fortunately as of right now the bird flu virus even though it can affect humans it has not recombined to be, he variant that is highly contagious between humans. Right now it is mostly transmitted from birds to humans and only in close quarters like in chicken farms and similar.

But it is only a matter of time and probably within the next few years this will occur that this virus will recombine to become one of the deadliest forces ever known to humankind. The US government knows this and that is why they’ve stockpiled hundreds of thousands of makeshift caskets in various locations throughout the US. You can see evidence of this on Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theory show.

So should the warnings and such of these flu viruses be downgraded to where they are basically not a threat? And then the other thing at the ask yourself is does the government have a hand in the creation of these viruses? You see, the swine flu variant consisted of a recombination that never before has occurred in nature. This greatly indicates that this variant was actually man-made.

Why is the government creating or messing with these viruses? I don’t know. There are conspiracy theories out there that will tell you they’re trying to reduce the population in the world. Other theories are that they’re trying to create a weapon of mass destruction to use against terrorists, etc… maybe they’re just trying to play with these viruses to create cures for them and flu shots that will protect the global population from an outbreak like that in 1918.

Whatever the case here may be, you need to understand that these two flu variants can recombined to become the deadliest forces ever known to mankind. We need to keep our guard up and not rest and think that these deadly flu variants have disappeared. They will be back. It’s just a matter of when and how bad it will be.

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