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The Switch Movie Review – this movie has to be one of the worst I’ve seen in my entire life

This movie was absolutely terrible

So it was Friday night and I was looking for a movie watch with my girlfriend. We can never ever decide upon a movie. She likes the happy, feel good movies, where as I enjoy darker flicks like Zombie movies. However, I will say I am a closet RomCom (romantic comedy) fan.

So since the move The Switch was a romantic comedy I thought it could be something we both would like. After watching the trailer I thought it might be something I could really like. I like Jason Batman from his role in Arrested Development, and Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite female actresses.

We picked it up at the local Redbox and put it in the DVD player. I was excited for the movie, but as it progressed I became less and less interested. Nothing seemed to happen throughout the entire movie. I contemplated just turning the movie off because it was so bad, which is something I never do.

Jason Bateman’s character spends the whole movie trying to tell Jennifer Aniston that he is the father of her child. It gets really awkward, and when Aniston is about to marry another man, Batman jumps in and tells her what has happened, and that he is the real father.

Of course Aniston becomes upset and says she never wants to see him again. 2 Weeks later Aniston finds Batman afterwork says Batman can see his son and they get married. All is forgiven and the movie ends just like that. How anticlimactic. I was dreadfully disappointed by this movie. I would give it a 2 out of 10.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie. It is a complete waste of time, you are better off getting anything but this movie from Redbox. My girlfriend was also very disappointed with it. We both agreed we made a terrible choice. Maybe next time we should avoid a RomCom.

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