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The Uptown Cabaret strip club review – nice club, good drinks and ugly girls

The Uptown Cabaret strip club review
I and some car sales buddies of mine from Keffer Hyundai went to the Uptown Cabaret strip club in downtown Charlotte for a good time and found they had ugly strippers there.

Some buddies of mine and I went to the Uptown Cabaret strip club to relax and unwind after a hard day of selling cars at Keffer Hyundai. It’s been a hard week and after dealing with all the snotty customers and negotiating – where the customers try and whittle down our commissions – we needed a break and a nice strip club seemed to be the right place to go.

So we went to the Uptown Cabaret in downtown Charlotte, NC. I had never been to Uptown Cabaret before so this one was new on me. It took us about 20 minutes or so to drive from Keffer Hyundai where the sales staff all met and we drove together to get there. We stopped on the way and picked up some booze and nose candy – apparently stripper chicks dig nose candy big time from what I hear.

One of my sales buddies from the car dealership knew this guy at a nearby apartment complex on Independence Blvd. that had some nose candy and we all chipped in like $50 a piece and got an eight ball – plenty for the night for all of us. We also picked up a case of beer at a nearby convenience store so we could be buzzed before we went into the Uptown Cabaret – I am sure this would save us money on the expensive drinks (all strip clubs have expensive drinks). Then we were off to Uptown Cabaret.

When we got there we noticed that there was lots of parking. It must have been either an off night or a unpopular or little known strip club as there was only a few cars parked out there and I am sure most of those belonged to employees or strippers. When we got to the door we were asked for our ID’s and then my friend, whom knew someone there, talked to the girl and made it so we didn’t have to pay a door cover charge. That was good.

Then we went inside and we mostly took up seats next to the bar. From here we could watch the girls on stage and using the pole. We noticed right away, or at least I and a few others of us noticed, that the girls were a little rough looking. These were definitely not the prettiest girls I had ever seen. It was no wonder the lights were turned down so low and it was so dark inside the Uptown Cabaret – to hide the fact that the girls were actually quite ugly.

Who wants to go to a strip club to see ugly girls take off their clothes? Not only that but then in the next hour or so several of these girls actually made advances on me and one of my friends (a salesperson from nearby Dale Jarrett Ford). They clearly were interested in the fact that we were “cool” and had nose candy. They wanted to go with us later after their shift was done and the bar closed. The brunette clearly asked me if I ever had sex with a stripper before and promissed me that she was going to rock my world. I told her I wasn’t interested and she got mad and moved on to the other guys.

I was just not going to get drunk enough or messed up enough on the cocaine to want any of these girls later after they closed. They are probably sluts and I am sure that is not the first time they would have gone home with a patron of the strip club. That’s actually kind of gross. Who knows how many diseases these girls or strippers could have? Two of them ended up leaving with some of the other car salesmen.

Then we all left after they closed and went on our way. I have to give the Uptown Cabaret a low rating because of the ugly, slutty girls that work there as strippers. Other then that, they have good drinks and it’s a nice little bar, but definitely don’t go there for the women as you will be sorely disappointed like I was.

6 thoughts on “The Uptown Cabaret strip club review – nice club, good drinks and ugly girls

  1. I have been to the Uptown Cabaret and there is a reason why it is a subpar strip club. The women there are definitely several levels below the Men’s club ladies. The Men’s club has the best looking strippers in Charlotte. Then from there it goes downhill fast. The Uptown Cabaret is full of skanks and sluts and you couldn’t pay me to go there.

  2. You must be a catch snorting on that nose candy. What kind of women do you expect to attract? First thing that comes to mind is cheap ass ugly whore.

    To the topic of the post, yes the girls are not that attractive and especially the few up in VIP.

  3. This post seems a bit fishy…why all the car dealership name dropping? Trying to get people in trouble much? What’s up super loser!!

  4. Seeing as how I just bought a car at keffer hyundai, it’s a little unsettling to hear that the lot of the car salesmen there have such poor taste in activities. The name dropping is definitely amateur. Furthermore, if you expect to make any sort of commission, I wouldn’t call your customers snobby. After all, they are the ones who keep the candy in your nose so to speak.

  5. BE AWARE!!!!! When you think you are having a good time with friends and these trashy ladies suck your fingers they are actually stealing your rings, right off your finger. Proper authorities have been notified. Wouldn’t be surprised if investigation isn’t underway now!

  6. Wow, sounds like you got shot down and are trying to put them down, did you get kicked out ??? Cause I spend a lot of time at Uptown Cabaret and yes there are some bigger girls that you must tell to keep moo – ving but there are some amazingly hot girls as well. It’s a great party atmosphere and I can’t remember a night that I didn’t see a Carolina Panther or 10 just hanging out like the rest of us. Heck I’ve seen Jonathan Stewart and Cam Newton here more then I’ve seen them on the field. LOL

    Go during Monday – Thursday if you want the best time, Girls really spend quality time with you. 😉 Weekends are just to busy and the girls are always in a rush to get to the next person.

    If you can afford it, the VIP is where it is at.

    They have a few here that will make your jaw drop. I personally love sexy Asian women and this club has the absolute HOTTEST Asian / American mixed girl I have ever seen. WOW !!!! She could be in playboy right now, beautiful stunning face, perfect body, and huge amazing tits. Best of all she is super smart, funny and flirtatious like we all love. I think her name was Jane or Jade or something, but trust me you will know her when you see her. OMG Amazing.

    This place is a good time. I use to go to The Men’s Club about 3 nights a week up until last year when they started acting crazy. The managers became jerks, heck they even had a blatantly homosexual guy trying to negotiate a price for the girls to go into VIP and tried to flirt with my buddy??? Don’t get me wrong I’m not against homosexuals but that was a weird thing and a definite buzz kill the way he was acting towards my friends and I.

    Uptown is my new spot from now on. Don’t listen to this coke-head used car salesman, try it out for yourself. Hell the main reason I started going to this club in the beginning was following all the hot girls that left The Mens Club and told me what club they were moving to.

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