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The WW2 Maille massacre what it was and why it might finally get justice 70 years later!

The WW2 Maille massacre and why it might finally get justice 70 years later!
The Maille massacre was a horrible atrocity and it may finally get justice served 70 years later!

Have you ever heard of the name Maille? It can often times be found spelled slightly differently like Maillie, Maille, Mallie and similar. The name even has a mustard named after it – Maille mustard which can be found at finer grocery stores worldwide. I have even found it at Walmart. But the mustard business is not why I’m writing this – the Maille massacre which occured at the end of World War 2 is.

For many years the Maille massacre was either covered up or not given much attention. Yet a whole town was murdered. For years they didn’t have enough proof to continue an investigation and possibly criminal charges for the perpetrators. But, recently the matter has been reopened in German courts where justice might eventually be served for the atrocities that occured.

What atrocities you might ask? in 1944 German SS and other forces decided to take out their anger for an earlier loss and killed (slaughtered) 124 innocent, unarmed people in the village of Maille. This included 42 women and 44 children. Many were babies and toddlers. Some women were even pregnant. The barbaric German troops didn’t care. They raped, killed, dismembered, etc… over 124 innocent people. They also destroyed the city and left it in ruins.

Finally, many years later justice might finally be served as Germany is investigating the crimes and the atrocity of the Maille massacre. In France this would mean nothing as war crimes have a 30 year statute of limitations, but in Germany there is no cap on war crime investigations. So, where in the USA people are mad that it took 45 days to charge Zimmerman with Trayvon Martin’s murder, here in France it has taken 70 years to get justice for a town where whole families to include women and children were wiped out one by one in full view of each other.

I see Al Sharpton got on the media and local prosecutors case with the Trayvon Martin case but he had to tone himself down a little when he found out that Zimmerman was half Hispanic – his normal racism claims would have definitely caused potential race riots and an enemy much larger than he could ever have imagined with the evergrowing Hispanic population. I have a question for you Al Sharpton – if you really are out there to seek justice for cases of injustice where have you been for the last 70 years with the Maille massacre?

This clearly is a huge case of injustice. German troops force their will, way and retribution or anger on these innocent town folk that are mostly farmers subsiding off the earth. These people hurt no one. They weren’t thrown out of school or suspended, nor were they up to no good – they were innocent victims raped, dismembered, killed by Germans because they were conveniently there and unarmed. They even surrounded the town and shot any survivors and then bombed it all to make sure no one survived – that is as sick as it gets.

Oh, I’m sorry, these aren’t black folk in this town, right? Actually rumor has it that a few were. So, Rev. Al Sharpton, why don’t you get involved with a case that involves more atrocities, sick crimes and more than all of the cases you have ever been involved in times 10 or more? Oh, I’m sorry, there’s no racism involved, just sick war crimes. Well, with most things Al Sharpton gets involved with there is no racism either – he just stirs the pot and creates it where there was none to begin with.

To read more about the horrific Maillie massacre please search the internet and check out these weblinks:

Don’t let this atrocity get swept under the rug again and forgotten. Remember the innocent victims of the town of Maille and their horrible massacre in the hands of the Nazi SS and others.

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