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Tidds Roofing Review – this roofing company did a great job on my North Carolina rental property, and provided excellent service

I had a great experience with Tidds Roofing. They did a great job!

I own a bunch of rental properties in the Huntersville/Charlotte area of North Carolina. There have been some pretty heavy storms coming through the area recently and I needed to replace a roof on one of my properties. I had heard through a friend about Tidds Roofing, and that they were a good roofing company.

I decided to find out for myself and speak with them about seeing if I could get my roof replaced at an affordable price. I called them up to see if I could get some quotes about replacing this roof and I found they had very competitive prices, and they had me set up an appointment to come into the office to discuss the project in further detail.

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I came into the office and was greeted by a young woman as soon as I walked through the door. She was very polite and said someone would be right with me to discuss our project. I was met within a minute afterwards and we got right down to business discussing the plans of a new roof on my rental house.

I was very happy with their availability, and was excited that they could get started on it right away. Tidds Roofing said that the project could be done in about a weeks time which worked out well for me since I had new tenants moving in in about 10 days. However I was a bit worried because sometimes roofing contractors take much longer than they promise and tend to take their time on whatever the task at hand may be.

I was pleasantly surprised by Tidds Roofing though. They got the whole thing done in less than a weeks time and actually finished ahead of schedule. I’m sure the nice weather also helped their speedy progression on replacing my roof. Regardless they were true to their word and provided expedient service.

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After it was finished I took a ladder up to the roof walked around up there to check out the quality of their work and I must say I was rather impressed with their craftsmanship. I have had bad luck with roofers in the past, Many of them did very poor work. However Tidds Roofing did an outstanding job replacing my roof. If I ever need any roofing repairs on any of my houses in the future I will definitely be using Tidds Roofing again. I now recommend them to all my friends as well when they are having roofing problems.

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