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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 the Masters Review – this new golf video game promotes great new features and is a great buy for golf lovers

I have really enjoyed playing Tiger Woods 2012. It has a lot of great new features.

I have been a casual player of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video games in the past. It’s a pretty good game, and is fun to play with friends. I didn’t buy the last two versions of the game, but when I saw that they had the Masters on this edition I had to go out and buy it.

So I bought the game and found myself playing it for a few hours once I got it. I really like the new feature that allows you to get advice from a caddy. The caddy will give you a variety of choices for different shots. This helps novice players learn to play ideal shots.

There also is a plethora of different courses you can play. Most notably for the first time ever you can play at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. I have always enjoyed watching the Masters, and being able to play the course of the game is a really nice feature. I have already played on it a few times and I love it.

Another feature that they have changed on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 is the limitation of spin and putt preview. This really makes you manage how you play. You can’t just mindlessly spin the ball where you want, and you have to pick which putts you want to preview. It adds a bit more strategy to the game which is nice.

The putting is also a little different than the last one. It gives you more control. There also is a more in depth create your own player game mode. You can get very detailed with your golfer, and provides a really neat feature. I have created my player and have been working up his skill for a while now. It is really a lot of fun.

I definitely would recommend this video game. It is a lot of fun and has some really great features. The Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game has really outdone themselves. I look forward to a lot of fun playing this video game.

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