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Time Warner Cable company complaint – TWC is a terrible company!

Time Warner Cable company complaint
I have had the worst experience possible with TWC - don't use them for TV, interent or phone or you could experience the same problems and probably will!

I have an extreme bone to pick with Time Warner Cable. They suck! TWC has the worst customer service and technical support on the planet by far. I have their trio (phone, internet and cable TV service) since 2 years ago and have only had problem after problem. The biggest problem has been with using the internet and their wireless router. It is usually malfunctioning and we rarely have internet access.

I have a new TWC wireless router and have been through several of these in the past few months as they replace them each time hoping that fixes the problem (it never fixes it). I have only had a little sporadic internet service and I pay big bucks for this trio package. I have called the Timw Warner Cable Headquarters, local offices, etc… all I want is a resolution that works! 2 years later I am still sitting here with no internet service. I have had to use the public library computers.

I have made numerous reports to Time Warner Cable to get these problems fixed (especially the router issue which almost never seems to be working). I have spoken to many customer service representatives, technicians, supervisors, even a manager once – he wasn’t nice to me at all and treated me rudely like I was a problematic customer. I will never forget that. I reported him to their headquarters – but I’m sure that complaint fell on deaf ears.

Every time I talk to someone and make a complaint they promise me it will be fixed and that they will send out their super duper fix it technician – they never honor this promise. At best I get newly trained technicians that don’t know what they are doing and they only know how to replace items like the TWC wireless router (which has already been replaced too many times to count).

Bottom line is that each time I make a complaint and they send out a technician the tech does the same thing – replaces the router or reboots it and then leaves promising me they will send someone else that can fix it and it never gets fixed. Some of these techs put the blame on the previous one, others are even honest enough to tell me that they are new on the job and don’t know what they are doing.

One guy told me he hadn’t even been trained and that they just stuck him in a Time Warner Cable truck to keep me busy and get me off their back. I am a good paying customer and you would think that by now that they would want to keep my business. You would think that fixing my internet access which I pay big bucks for would be a top priority with TWC.

I now have several of the TWC non working routers and lots of cable wire, a spool, some of their tools and more laying around at my house. Do they think I am supposed to fix it myself and that is why they left these tools and all of this equipment here? Or do they think I can do double duty as the local landfill and that they will just dump their extra waste and trash on me and my house?

To be honest, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I have never paid so much money to receive such terrible service and treatment. 2 years and my cable service is still crap. When my contract is up I am immediately going to leave Time Warner Cable and go with a different company or companies for my phone, TV and internet services. I will not stay with a company like TWC where they don’t care about customers like me in the least – who ever heard of sending out a new, untrained technician to fix a problem especially one like mine?

Time Warner Cable has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have lost a lot of time traveling back and forth to the public library to get internet service. I shouldn’t have to do that when I am paying well over $100 per month for TWC’s Road Runner service and the $10 extra for the turbo. I have no working internet right now. None. I am extremely frustrated with this and wish for someone at corporate for TWC to call me and rectify this situation.

I should be compensated for all the months of no internet and more. Someone please help me – I can’t get any decent help from Time Warner Cable apparently. Has anyone else had this problem with TWC? It is just so ridiculous.

One thought on “Time Warner Cable company complaint – TWC is a terrible company!

  1. TIME warner cable sucks so bad. How many people are tired of “rebooting”? I shouldnt have to reboot 2-3 times per week. I shouldnt have to worry that renting a movie would result in it freezing and therefore not being able to watch it. I shouldnt have to worry that I cant watch what I record on DVR. I shouldnt have to worry that I change the channel and 25% of the time it says “Sorry channel is not available, please try later”


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