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Time Warner Cable Complaint – my download speeds during the day are really slow, what gives?

I pay for Time Warner Cable Road Runner Internet with Turbo Boost which is supposed to get me very fast internet speeds. I have seen it advertised at between 10 and 20 mb/s But lately I have only been getting about 300 to 500 kb/s (kilobytes per second). In my book, that is really, really slow. I should be getting mb/s (megabytes per second), not kb/s.

I use my computer to download games and movies and somehow the connection speeds are just abysmal. It can take a week to download a movie like The Book of Eli, Zombie Strippers or The Switch (the Book of Eli is a great movie by the way, the other two sucked). It shouldn’t take but a few hours at most to download a single movie. With Time Warner Cable Road Runner with turbo boost it should be a whole lot faster.

Time Warner Road Runner internet speeds
According to this advertisement from Time Warner I should be receiving internet speeds of upwards of 10 mb/s – not under 500 kb/s like I am now!

These speeds I am receiving as of late are just not acceptable. I called Time Warner Cable and spoke to several people whom looked into the problem and they said that it is a wide range of speeds it depends upon how many people are utilizing the bandwidth at the same time. In other words I am on shared bandwidth with all of my neighbors in my community. none of my neighbors that I know of pay the extra $10 per month for this turbo boost from Time Warner. Yet none of them seem to be having problems with download speeds.

That just doesn’t make sense. I am paying extra and I should be receiving the best bandwidth speeds in my community, not the rest that don’t pay for the Turbo Boost. As I said earlier my average speed is 300 to 500 kB per second. my next-door neighbor is averaging 2 MB per sec and he doesn’t get the Turbo Boost. By paying the extra $10 for the Turbo boost I should be given priority and I should definitely be getting much higher speeds at least as good or better than what my neighbors are getting now.

If this doesn’t change soon I will have to change internet companies. We have AT&T available with download speeds guaranteed at 2 mb/s which is at least Four times better than what I’m getting now with My Road Runner internet plan with turbo boost (I am supposed to be getting speeds upwards of 10 mb/s from my Turbo Boost). I am not getting any satisfaction from the employees of Time Warner Cable and I am really starting to get disgusted with this matter. I use DropBox to transfer work files and I like to work from the home whenever possible.

With the Internet speeds being as low as they are it makes it very hard to work on projects from home. I’m always having to give people excuses as to why my upload or download speeds are so slow. it literally makes me and my business both look bad. The only answer folks at Time Warner cable had was that they advised I switched to their more expensive business plans. I just want the speeds that I paid for – and I should at least be equal to or greater in speed then my neighbors with Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner Internet without the Turbo Boost.

if this doesn’t get fixed shortly I’m going to be leaving Time Warner cable and will probably go to AT&T. It shouldn’t have to be like this. I wonder if I can get refunded or if I will have to sue Time Warner for nonperformance. Either way, I am about done with Time Warner and their super slow internet service. whatever you do do not buy or pay extra for their turbo boost as it may actually be a turbo decrease in your internet speeds.

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