Time Warner Cable Complaint – Their Cable and Internet Service is Terrible

I have had horrible experiences with Time Warner Cable

I just moved into a new house and wanted to get my cable service set up. I had shopped around for other TV and internet providers, but since I’m on a tight budget I went with Time Warner Cable because they are the cheapest.

I called them to set up an appointment to have my cable and internet set up and they fit me later that week. They showed up two hours late, but the set up and installation didn’t take long. I thought I was all set up, and ready to go. Unfortunately I was sadly mistaken.

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After a few days I started noticing my internet would go out every once and a while for a minutes here and there. I fixed the problem most of the time by just reseting my modem and router. However, as time went on the more my internet would stop working. I called Time Warner Cable to come out and fix the problem. They came out to fix it, and told me they made a few adjustments and I should be all set.

Boy were they wrong. Over the last two months Time Warner Cable has come out to my house over six times to fix my internet. I’ve had to go up to two or three days with no internet connection. That is absolutely unacceptable. I’m paying my hard earned money for service I am not even getting.

While I was having problems with my internet, my cable situation was not much better. My cable box would often just turn off on it’s own, and I would be forced to let it cool off and restart. Restarting the box can sometimes take up to thirty minutes. By that time thats done I don’t even want to watch TV anymore, I have already moved onto something else.

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I called Time Warner Cable to come out and fix the problem a few times now. I have gone through three different cable boxes in just two months! Their cable service is just terrible. After all the frustration I finally decided to pony up a little bit more money and use Direct TV as my television provider. I also moved on to a new internet provider and now AT&T U-Verse to get my internet. It’s been four months and I have had great experiences with both companies. I will never use any Time Warner Cable service again.


  • timk12 says:

    I have had horrible experiences with Time Warner too. Just yesterday my TV went out and has been reseting for over a day. I called Time Warner and the only advice they gave me was keep reseting it, and wait. What a terrible service. I should switch to something more reliable.

  • Wendy T. says:

    Time warner cable is an illegal monopoly and should be split up so we can all have lower TV prices.

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