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Time Warner Cable roadrunner internet review – prices keep going up and my connection speed and uptime are not.

Time Warner Cable roadrunner internet review
Time Warner Cable's Roadrunner internet service has serious outage and speed connection issues!


I have a bone to pick with Time Warner cable and they’re supposedly superfast roadrunner Internet access. Apparently the costs keep going up and the connection speed and uptime are far from desirable at best. It is not uncommon for me to find my Internet out for a day or two. Sometimes my internet service is out even longer.

Now what compounds the problem is that I have my phone through the Internet on Time Warner Cable (VOIP). So when Time Warner cable’s Internet service is out, then so is my phone. This is both frustrating and ridiculous. It is also extremely inconvenient. It’s a good thing I have a cell phone so that I can call people if I need to during these outages.

Whenever I call into Time Warner cable to report these outages or to see what’s going on usually they don’t even know the problem exists. One time last year some drunk person drove into something that caused Time Warner cable in my area to be completely down and out for over a week.

That meant that if you had their TV cable, internet and or phone you lost all of this for over a week. At least when you do call in to report or complaint on losing your internet you can request to be refunded for the days that you had no Internet access. But the funny thing is that the representatives of Time Warner cable will not tell you about this.




You have to find out from elsewhere or other people that you can ask to get refunded for the lost connection time. I would think would be in their best interest to offer that to anyone calling in with a service related issue. That would just be good customer service. I don’t see how a company can bill people for services that are not rendered and feel good about themselves.

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Most of the time when the Internet is out it happens to be in the evening and through the night. This is the best time for me to get work done and it greatly inconveniences both me and my business. The sad thing is I really don’t have any other choice besides Time Warner cable.

With all the millions and billions of dollars to Time Warner cable makes in profit off of all of their millions of customers you would think they could spend a little bit to upgrade their network and make it so that these outages were either at least minimized or better yet became a thing of the past.

2 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable roadrunner internet review – prices keep going up and my connection speed and uptime are not.

  1. Time Warner Cable has come to my house over 6 times in the last year to fix either my cable or internet. Their service is terrible. On top of the fact that they are increasing their prices. Direct TV is looking better and beter every day.

  2. Their internet is terrible terrible terrible ! I wish another service would come along besides dish or somthing because I need to get rid of Time Warner….it is really a joke trying to go on the internet,,,,,and they tell you it will be fixed……hello.

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