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Tire Kingdom car service review and complaint – TireKingdom store #109 is a ripoff!

TireKingdom car repair review and complaint
TireKingdom has gone down the toilet and now just rips off its customers as much as possible!


On 11/14/08 I in took my 1995 chevrolet Blazer to the local Tire Kingdom (TK store # 109) here in Bradenton, Fl, to have a tune-up done on it. The invoice for this procedure was (Inv #24710030) and it stated that the Plugs, Wires, Distributor Cap, and Ignition Rotor cost was $297.62 plus there was an additional $99.99 for a Fuel System Tune-Up. At the time, the mileage on my Chevrolet Blazer was 155,120.

On 9/23/10, while I was out of the state, my wife felt that the brakes needed repair and had it towed to the same TireKingdom store # 109 her in Bradenton FL and ended up paying $ $1,385.01 (Inv # 42789893). As we were away from 5/31/10 til 9/19/10, the vehicle sat parked on their lot.

The store manager told my wife that because the vehicle sat for 3 1/2 months, all the fluids were dirty and needed to be changed. That is complete hogwash. This I doubt very much. With this high invoice amount my wife took the 12 month no interest credit card deal.




I then returned last week from up North and noticed that the vehicle was running a little rough and the Service Engine Soon light has come on. I again took it to the same TireKingdom car repair store and after paying $99 for an Engine Diagnostic, I was told I needed the same parts that were put in on 11/08. That should not have been the case and these parts could not have been bad.

I also ended up paying $89 for an Air Conditioning Diagnostic and was told that I needed a new Air Conditioning Unit to the tune of about $700 or so. What is funny here is that after some freon was added it was found that the air conditioner worked fine. Being that I had become thoroughly disgusted with the estimated cost to fix the vehicle, I just decided against fixing it and traded it for another vehicle.

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I was a good customer of Tire Kingdom for many years, but after being bilked for unnecessary items as I described above along with the actual invoice numbers and amounts, I no longer will make TireKingdom my car repair service center. The mileage from 11/14/08 til 9/23/10 amounted to 8,305, hardley enough to need all new tune-up parts since the mechanic told me it was the #6 wire that had a short in it after diagnostics.

Unfortunately the TireKingdom Store # 109 is going in a direction that I no longer wish to be part of – the direction of ripping off their customers.

One thought on “Tire Kingdom car service review and complaint – TireKingdom store #109 is a ripoff!

  1. Tire Kingdom screwed up my car last time I was there. They also tried selling me a bunch of crap for my car I didn’t even need when I just went in for a routine oil change. I never go there again. I have had much better luck using Midias.

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