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Tire Kingdom Complaint – I went in for a routine oil change and I was ripped off!

I had a horrible experience at Tire Kingdom. They ripped me off!

I was due for an oil change so I went to Tire Kingdom down the street from me. I had never been there before and knew nothing about this company. All I knew was that they did oil changes and I was in desperate need of one.

I parked my car and walked in to be greeted by a guy in a leather biker jacket. I was a little surprised that a man at a car repair shop would be dressed like that but I moved on and approached him. I told him I needed an oil change and he immediately tried to up sell me to a higher priced service and oil change. I firmly declined and said I would just would like the basic oil change.

I asked how long it would take and he told me about 30 minutes so I took a walk down the road to Bojangles to grab a bite to eat while I waited. I was told that they would call me when they were done, but it had been close to an hour so I decided to head back to Tire Kingdom.

I showed up and there was a man in front of me picking up his car. I was watching him sign the paperwork and the man behind the desk handed him a set of keys. I noticed they were very similar to my key ring. He turned to face me and saw that the keys in fact were mine!

I turned to the guy and said hey I think those are my keys and he looked down in surprise and handed them over to me. Are these people at Tire Kingdom so incompetent that they can’t give the right people the right keys. I asked the guy how that could happen and he had no explanation for me. He was dumbfounded and a complete idiot.

Anyways I went to pay for the oil change and he said they did the “advanced” oil change even though I specifically asked for just the basic. This guy then tried to lie to me and tell me thats what I asked for. I told him that was pure and simple bullshit and I refused to pay for the higher priced service I didn’t request. The guy eventually settled with me and charged me the regular price which come to find out was $35! $35 for an oil change? That is ridiculous!

I unhappily paid the man his $35 and he had the nerve to tell me that one of my belts in the car was lose and needed to be changed immediately and they offered to do it now (probably for way too much money). I told them there was no way I was ever coming back here after all that has happened today and if there is a problem I will get an opinion from someone else.

I went to get that “problem” checked out by another repair shop and they told me there was nothing wrong with my car. Tire Kingdom tried to scam me into a completely unnecessary repair and then lied to me point blank. I will never go to Tire Kingdom again. They are a rip off and a scam!

One thought on “Tire Kingdom Complaint – I went in for a routine oil change and I was ripped off!

  1. Save your money and stay away from Tire Kingdom.

    In 1996 I purchased 4 new tires and a LIFETIME wheel alignment that was good for the lifetime of my vehicle and transferable to any car I would own in the future. In 2002 I purchased a Lexus LS430 and the warranty was transferred to my new car without issue. Whenever I needed new tires or an alignment it was not a problem until recently. Since Tire Kingdom no longer sells the LIFETIME Wheel Alignment they refuse to honor the warranty for existing customers. I spoke with Tim Garza and Pedro Armando, both refused to honor the written warranty for alignment. Oh, by the way the President of Tire Kingdom, Bill Incon and his Assistant Sue Dilt never responded to several messages that were left. Save your self some time, money and shop where warranties and guarantees are honored.

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