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TomTom XL340S GPS Navigation System review – this GPS system is really cool and accurate too!

TomTom XL340S GPS navigation system review
The TomTom XL340S is an amazing little device and very handy for traveling.

A friend of my wife’s gave her their TomTom XL340S GPS navigation system because they got a new car with the navigation built in. So we installed it in my wife’s Chevy Tahoe SUV and found it to be quite a cool little device. I never really thought of having a navigation system but for traveling and avoiding traffic this little TomTom system is great.

The unit itself is tiny and fits right on the side of the middle of the dash and is not really in the way. The graphical display is easy to read and see during both day and night. And it’s very easy to follow plus to get off track it will guide you right back to where u need to go.

I’ve only once encountered one problem with this GPS navigation system. There was some new construction on Tryon Street here in Charlotte, NC and it was not very good at getting me around this construction. It kept trying to take me rates through the clothes off road.

Other than that though, this little TomTom devices really neat. It was really helpful when we took a trip to Myrtle Beach in our plan was to follow a map that I printed up off of MapQuest on the Internet. It turned out that Mapquest sucks and has very old information.

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A lot of the streets we got down there near the beach were wrong, but this is where the TomTom XL340S came in very handy. I feel that without it we would have been hopelessly lost. As the directions from MapQuest were absolutely horrible. I think I could have made better directions by throwing grass to the wind or something similar.

The TomTom GPS navigation system was very useful and handy. We even use it to find some nearby attractions that are listed in a coupon book that didn’t come with good directions. The TomTom was great and we had no problems at all when using it. This little navigation system is amazing and I wish I had one sooner.

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