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Tonka truck hyper lighting toys review – these toy trucks are inexpensive and make excellent Christmas gifts

Tonka tow truck hyper lighting review
Out of all the toys out there, my 2 year old son fell in love with a $10 Tonka tow truck!

We went to several toy stores over the past several weeks looking for toys for my three young boys. The youngest of which has a tendency to be really rough on his toys. So we were looking for something that would withstand his harsh playing. He also has a love for trucks and when we got to Wal-Mart and found this Tonka truck with hyper lighting but he just fell in love with.

They had several of these to choose from. There was two different fire engines (a pumper truck and a hook and ladder truck), a green garbage truck, a big police pickup truck and a tow truck. And guess which one he liked the best? The tow truck! Once he saw that one he just had to have it and couldn’t put it down as he just kept playing with it and playing with it.

The tow truck was obviously the most popular of the Tonka trucks that Wal-Mart had on display – this is because there was only one of these tow trucks left. There were many of all the other different models there, but there was only one Tonka truck with hyper lighting that was a tow truck.

And regardless of all the other toys that they had all the toy stores and at Wal-Mart and regardless of price (as many toys, like the bigger Lego sets, were upwards of $100 or more) my two-year-old son preferred this Tonka tow truck which was on sale for just $10 at Wal-Mart.

He didn’t care about any of the other fancier toys, bicycles, computer games, etc. all my two-year-old son cared about or wanted was this one Tonka toy truck. That was it. We had gone to Wal-Mart with my son that day in particular because he had been sent some money from his grandmother to go buy some toys with.

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So we let him pick out the Tonka tow truck. And even though he plays rough with it still holding up well and he loves it. He prefers it to any and all of his other toys. Even has to take it to bed with him when he goes to sleep at night. Make sure that half of his pillow is available for the tow truck to lay on. He then either uses the other half for himself or he just sleeps on his bed without using the pillow for his head.

If you’re looking for a great point for young boy this Christmas I highly recommend the Tonka truck series with hyper lighting. There are many different models, they’re well-built, and they’re very inexpensive at only $10 each at Wal-Mart. The best thing is little boys like mine absolutely love these things. A cool Tonka truck, like the tow truck, wrapped up under the Christmas tree sure to be a big hit with any young boy and it’s a great value to boot.

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