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Top 10 most visited posts this week!

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Here are the top 10 most visited, liked, read, linked to, etc. pages this week on everyone’s favorite consumer reporting website ScreamingReviews!

1. University of Phoenix complaint – This is quite obvious as everyone with half a brain knows these online universities are a complete scam in every way. You cannot attend one of these universities and hope to get a job or start on a decent career. Just look at any reputable companies hiring policies or the small print on an application (or on their website) – none want anyone from any of these online schools like University of Phoenix.

2. AMTC scam – American Models and Talent for Christ is nothing more then a scam preying on christians and their religion. These people make me sick. Please pass this around so that everyone gets notified of this and no one gets ripped off by them anymore!

3. American Models and Talent for Christ review – This scam is so popular it took both the #2 and # 3 spots for this week. Must be they are recruiting/fleecing people in another major US city with false promises and more. These guys make me sick.

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4. 7 Steps on how to be a successful blogger – If you want to get into blogging then you need to hook in, read this and get going. It’s pretty much everything you need to know to get a great head start on becoming a great blogger. It is full of great advice plus a little on being an ethical blogger – all very important stuff! Definitely a great read for everyone!

5. ADT security complaint – Over the years we have received a lot of talk about this one. This ADT really does do some shady business behavior – I’ve seen it myself and you can just search a little on the internet and see it for yourself. We do not recommend companies that continue to exhibit bad and unethical business behaviors like ADT does. Here’s another interesting complaint on ADT that didn’t quite make the top 10 list (barely missed it).

6. Fake BJJ instructors and blackbelts – This one took off fast in popularity, but apparently our readers responded in a big way as to the credentials of Mr. Arel. We now have posted a link to the video of Mr. Arel’s BJJ instructor Roberto Correa where he actually discusses giving him both his brown and blackbelts. Roberto Correa has an unquestionable reputation in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community. Per our readers request and vote (we’ve never faced something like this before here) the original post was removed in its entirety. You can still visit the page and see the comments, videos, and why the original post was removed. Due to this evidence, it is obvious to us that Mr. Arel is an outstanding member of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community and that he received/earned his blackbelt (and brown belt) from Mr. Roberto Correa.

7. Strides for Samantha – this is a worthy cause if I’ve ever seen one. We checked her story out and it is 100% legit. This woman has been fighting a very aggressive and deadly form of cancer and needs help. If you can find it in your heart please read this post, visit her website and make a donation. Thank you.

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8. Guns4Pennies online auction review – this one is pretty critical on this gun auction. It sounds like many of these online scams where normal people like you and I seem to never win anything and only lose money. They print pictures and info on people that win items, but do they really? There needs to be a lot more regulation here because its one of those things where the owners hands are in their pockets kind of thing. You just know it. I personally have had several friends try and bid on stuff on this website and none have ever won anything. Someone (state or fed) needs to create a governing board or watch group to see over these online auction sites like Guns4Pennies – there are just way to many negative stories and complaints and there is no one watching – you know the odds of fraud occurring are almost 100%. Stay away from these sites until the government has a chance to look into them and create some sort of laws and governing boards for them.

9. Photoblocker license plate spray scam – This one is quite obvious. It has become a sort of mlm scam based upon a product that does not work at all for the way they intend. Just go watch the Mythbusters special on Photoblocker and license plate treatments where they proved it 100% does not work to thwart police and traffic cameras.

10. Polaroid 4gb touch mp3 player review – This Big Lots review has been popular for a very long time. Big Lots has them in stock at great prices every month or so. If you are looking for one or information on how good they are read this first. If you bought one be sure and post your comment on how it works for you and whether you think it was a smart purchase.

So that’s our list of the top 10. There were some close calls – like, the PureVPN review only missed the list by 1 pageview – that is really close. And other mentionables were also really close. It will be interesting to see what posts are in the top 10 next week. Who knows, the next top 10 could include your post – so be sure and keep sending us all your complaints, reviews, how to’s and more!

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  1. This is my first visit here. I found you through “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”. I like what I see! Screaming Reviews will be a nice addition to my bookmarks as I often look for validation (or refutation) for various things I see online. It’s always good to get more info on the topic I am researching.

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