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Top Posts, Complaints and Reviews on Screaming Reviews for February 2011!

Top 10 reviews

Here are the most popular and most linked to posts, complaints and reviews here on

1. Walgreen’s Big Flats beer – This is a funny review about Walgreens new beer and how it tastes like toilet water. I have yet to taste this beer, but certainly a lot of people have as there’s a lot of interesting comments to this review. some people are for the beer and some think it is so nasty they wouldn’t even feed it to their dog. Read the review and decide for yourself.

2. Big Lots Polaroid mp3 player review – This review has been popular since the beginning of Screaming Reviews. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that MP3 players are hot or the fact that they’re sold at big lots. Most likely it’s not Big Lots because I don’t see a whole lot of people going in to Big Lots to buy MP3 players but then again I could be wrong.

3. Pizza Hut big dipper pizza review – This is one of the fastest rising reviews we’ve had on this website. In its first week it shot up into the top 10 and now it is #3 and climbing. I can see why – I’ve had the Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza and it’s really good. Go order one and see for yourself.

4. Demarini Vexxum 2011 Review – Who would have thought that a complaint about a baseball bat would’ve made it onto the top 10 of our most trafficked reviews and complaints? Well here it is – I never knew there was so much interest in baseball bats, but I’ve been wrong before.

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5. Torrent Privacy VPN for safe downloading review – I knew this one was going to be popular with all the concerns going on as to downloading movies and other torrents and the possible ramifications due to the copyright attorneys. It seems every day that I login to my computer and search online I see new people receiving settlement demand letters from attorneys Like the ones at US Copyright Group (Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver). These attorneys have figured out a way to make a good living off of border line extortion. if you’re going to download movies, applications, games, porn or software you need to use protection. And clearly the best protection out there is the virtual private network and anonymous bittorrent client provided by the folks at Torrent Privacy. if you download anything on the Internet you need to have a VPN and you need to read this review.

6. KickassTorrents torrent downloading website review – Ah, is one of the most popular torrent downloading websites out there. if you want a free download of a movie like the Expendables, Hurt Locker, Far Cry, The Mechanic, Toy Story 3 or others then look no further. This website has all of them available for download. You can download these movies in either regular format or Blu-Ray. A lot of our readers preferred this website for downloading movie and other torrents.

7. AMTC American Models and Talent review – This company is a definite scam luring unsuspecting parents and children to audition. They are then hit with extremely high pressure sales tactics and outright lies to attend their extremely expensive conventions (cost of $3,000 plus) where no one ever ends up with a good paying modeling gig. The best advice here is to use your head and go on CV actual talent agencies themselves outside of a scam convention like AMTC. Do not throw away your money on this modeling and acting scam!

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8. BTJunkie torrent downloading website review – It used to be that the Pirate Bay was the biggest torrent downloading website, but that has all changed now as BT Junkie has over 4 times the available torrents to download. just be careful and be wary as big torrent aggregators and websites like the Pirate Bay and BTJunkie tend to have lots of viruses and malware. They also have all the copyright attorneys and their associates trolling for people uploading and downloading the movies and intellectual property of their clients. Be safe and use protection like the TorrentPrivacy VPN if you are going to use these sites and download illegal torrents!

9. Dunlap, Grubb Weaver lawsuit extortion scam – if you download movies or other torrents I’m sure that you’ve heard of the law firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver. They also call themselves the US Copyright group. They are the ones most known for going around and sending people extortion settlement letters for downloading movie torrents online. Read this and you will understand that the best way to avoid this mess is to use a VPN like Torrent Privacy. It is not safe to download anything with out complete anonymity anymore on the internet.

10. New Lite headlight restoration kit review – This has long been a favorite of our readers. This is one of those automotive products that actually works and does what it says. It restores dirty, cloudy and ugly, scratched headlight lenses to new. This saves drivers hundreds of dollars over new headlight lens replacements at their local new car dealer. Plus it greatly increases night time driving vision and night time driving safety. We highly recommend this product. Read this contributers review and see for yourself.

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