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Top reviews and complaints for December 2010!

Well, we received a bunch of feedback from our readers stating that they wanted to see what was the most popular posts, complaints and reviews on our website. So, here is the top posts for the month ending in December 2010:

1. Papa Johns pizza review – I, myself like Papa John’s pizza. It’s great on game day and we sometimes have it for the half time of the Superbowl each year. I’ve never had a bad pizza from Papa John’s.

2. Big Lots Polaroid 4gb mp3 player – This post just really took off right before Christmas and it only let off a little bit afterwards. Mp3 and Mp4 players are rabidly popular and will continue to be popular for quite some time. Who knew that when Apple came out with the first iPod that the whole world of music and cd’s was going to forever change. It will be very interesting to see what replaces the current music players over the next 10 years.

3. Walgreen’s Big Flats beer – Apparently one of our readers has a grave dislike of Big Flats beer – they actually compare it to toilet water. This is a hilarious complaint in my opinion and an interesting read for anyone that drinks beer. I myself have never had Big Flats beer from Walgreens as I prefer Yuengling or Coors Light. But if you’ve had Big Flats beer be sure and read up on this and make a comment on what you think about this beer.

4. Torrentprivacy and a review of their VPN service – By now most people know and have heard of the lawyers and ongoing litigation between copyright holders in the music and movie industries and online torrent and downloading pirates. Yes, it is illegal to download movies and music for free in most cases, but that does not and will not deter pirates from doing this. If you are downloading music, movies or application torrents over the web then you NEED a good and reliable virtual private network (VPN) so that your downloads, torrents and ip address cannot be tracked. I have only ever heard great things about the TorrentPrivacy VPN – it’s cheap, easy to use and iron clad. Read more about it and why you need it here.

5. Fake Rolex watches for sale on Craigslist – Well, this one is a no-brainer. I would never buy a quality expensive watch from a source like Craigslist knowing the fact that there are so many good quality fakes out there. From my own personal experience I have seen and dealt with these fake watches. Some are easy to spot like the cheaper ones with the quartz movements, but the Swiss ones with an actual Swiss movement can be almost impossible to tell without opening up the watch. Be wary of buying expensive items off Craigslist like Rolex watches. My advice is that if you must buy a Rolex off of Craigslist to meet the seller at a jeweler that you can trust so it’s authenticity can be tested immediately before you buy it.

6. Binswanger glass windshield replacement review – I have heard a lot of flak over this review from people that actually work at Binswanger. Several managers and even a vice President of marketing have emailed us and contacted us as they wanted us to remove this complaint about their high priced services. In their e-mails they were determined that this was created by one of their competitors Triumph Auto Glass (also mentioned in the complaint). They tried to threaten us here at ScreamingReviews with attorneys and legal action, but in the end they most likely have learned that through the communications decency act (CDA) they couldn’t possibly get this post or complaint removed nor win any similar lawsuit. I checked into it just to be sure and found this was a legitimate complaint. Generally speaking the correct and best way for a real company to respond to a complaint is to own up to what you’ve done wrong and try and fix or amend any mistakes. Behavior that is opposite to this like that exhibited by the various Binswanger Glass employees (especially including a high up vice president of their parent company) is usually indicative of a scam. You will not see companies like Coca Cola or Mercedes Benz respond to complaints in the way that Binswanger Glass did. Instead they would apologize to the complainant and possibly list some contact information for them so they could work this thing out and get it corrected. I would be leery of doing business with a company like Binswanger Glass that has employees that act in such a shady fashion.

7. Kickasstorrents downloading website review – This one goes hand in hand with the TorrentPrivacy review listed above. If you are into downloading music and movie torrents over the Internet, apparently, according to our readers, this website is one of the best sources for these downloads. Just be sure and use a VPN so you don’t get caught and get a letter in the mail demanding $1,500 to settle from the copyright attorneys. I also hear that this site has fewer occurences of viruses and such then the older and bigger ones like the Pirate Bay.

8. Lionel Little lines freight train set for kids review – When I was a little child I had a train set and it was a lot of fun. Somehow in all the moves we made when I was little it got lost and I haven’t seen it since. This looks like a great train set for kids and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Another great idea you see here is the power of pictures and images – try and include several of these in your reviews and complaints and you will see their popularity zoom to the top of the list fast! if you have a complaint or review that you want to have a great impact with definitely post it here on and be sure and include some pictures and images to get it off to a great start!

9. Southern Resources scrap metal recycling review – I don’t have much experience in the way of recycling metal, but apparently according to this complainant one needs to shop around and check out several different recyclers so that they know who’s honest and who gives the best price. I talked to a few people about this in the industry and found that it is best to go to several different recycling places because some places will pay more for one type of metal that another. it all varies based upon demand, supply, and what the stock market states on the various metal prices.

10. Aweber email marketing on steroids review – If you own a online business then you probably know or have heard of how important e-mail marketing can be. According to industry experts and magazines like Website Magazine email marketing can easily drive 30% or more of a company’s business. If one is not doing e-mail marketing or not doing it correctly then they could easily add 30% or more to their bottom line just by doing it, but as anyone knows e-mail marketing is not that simple. You have to be able to allow people to opt out very easily and you have to not look spammy. it is best to use an email automation service like Aweber so you can have the best results and be freed up to do other tasks. I myself have used Aweber and I also recommend their email automation services. Be sure and read this review for more on them and the great results this reader achieved for their online business!

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