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Torchlight PC game review – a fun, graphical dungeon action game, the necessary cheat codes and how I got it for free!

Torchlight PC game review - a fun, graphical dungeon action game
Torchlight is a fun game for the PC that the whole family can play and enjoy - just remember to get it free like I did...

If you are into games like World of War Craft and other similar dungeon based games that are reminiscent of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing games many of us grew up with then I am sure you will like Torchlight. Torchlight has many different kinds of monsters of all sizes hidden throughout the dungeons.

You also get a sidekick pet that can help you fight and as an added bonus can return to town to sell booty (items you have captured or been awarded along the way). Your pet in the early stages is a better fighter and defender than you are. That’s nice because until you build up your strength and fighting prowess or spell casting ability you have a partner to help fend off the tougher monsters.

The most common monsters you run into obviously are venomous spiders. Usually I see about five of them of different sizes at a time. I don’t have the patience to play for days or weeks at a time to build up my strength or spell casting abilities, so I found some great cheat codes that can really make the game fun fast.

Torchlight battling zombie skeleton monsters
Torchlight - here we are battling zombie skeleton monsters and lots of them!

First of all with Torchlight you have to understand these are console-based cheat codes. so you need to go to the settings text file and change the console setting to 1 from 0 and then save it. At the bottom of the text file is the “console :0” Change it to read “console :1” instead and save it. Then when playing the game hit shift and “~” to trigger the cheat console.

If you want money just enter “Money1000000” that will give you 1 million money. You can enter different amounts. Just be sure and enter it in the same fashion. The same goes for Defense, Dexterity, Fame, skill-points, strength and Magic. You can make yourself a master fighter or spell-caster in a few seconds and reek havoc in the dungeons in Torchlight.

The cheat code “Levelup” increases your experience points to the next level – this is quite useful as you will soon find out when playing the highly addictive game of Torchlight (this is the one game that my wife and kids also play and love). If the monsters get out of hand and you need to take a break or clear the screen of them use the cheat code “killall” as this will clear out and kill all the monsters in the immediate area.

Torchlight and battling huge spiders
Torchlight and battling huge spiders - these large venomous spiders are everywhere.

If a certain quest is taking too long you can just use the cheat code “Questcomplete” and go onto the next one. Some quests are long and boring (as some monsters and certain areas in the dungeon are hard to find) so this one I’ve used a few times. And if you want to be undefeatable you can just enter “God” to enter God mode. In this mode you cannot be harmed.

I have seen Torchlight priced for between $10 and $20 on and amongst other places online. I don’t pay for games anymore as I have a great VPN and I download them from websites like and KickAssTorrents. If you use a strong VPN like TorrentPrivacy you can’t get caught for downloading games and movies and you can get great games like Torchlight and many others for free.

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